Monday, 13 September 2010

Just Stuff

Two new things appeared last week. One might be quite pleasant eventually, the other I liked straight away.

Little Bun has wanted to play a violin for a long time now. When we moved school and found there was no violin teacher I have to admit I wasn't as broken hearted as maybe I should have been. This term they've found one. He can also play the theme tune to Dr Who on his violin which has made it an even better thing to learn in her opinion.

The other thing to arrive was a small parcel of bright zesty fabric from Littleteawagon.

When I saw it in Jane's etsy shop I knew it would be the perfect fabric to get me going on Eldest Bun's patchy bedcover. I knew the colours I wanted to work with and hadn't found exactly what I'd had in mind until now. Just got to get matching fabrics up and cutting and I'll be away.

Except I get so easily distracted and there's so many other things to finish too. After a session ripping favorite pages from magazines and throwing the rest in the bin, I fell in love with the colourways used in this blanket. Rather than try out these colours now I just had a quick go at rows of trebles with what was in my basket. So that's yet another blanket that will need to be made along with draught excluders. I'm determined to keep warm this winter.

On Friday evening we all snuggled up to watch Big (80's film revivals here) and I tried to actually finish a cardigan I started for Eldest Bun months ago. Only a sleeve and collar left to go and it looks like I'll run out of wool. My fault for knitting it on bigger needles so it would be a size up. I'll deal with that problem if it happens, maybe a different coloured collar?

On Saturday evening our cottage was being invaded so there were preparations to be made all day. Three girls plus our two for a sleepover as a belated birthday party. I made another cake and had a lot of fun making tiny paper bunting.

I didn't enjoy the Singstar Karaoke session so much or the chatting until 1am, but they all had a great time.

Sunday morning and we both felt as if we'd been beaten up. Tiring stuff this girlie business. I thought maybe laying face down asleep somewhere or a spot of knitting would be good things to do on a Sunday. Then my folks called and said they wanted to go to our village airshow. We live near a WWII US airbase that's now used as a small airfield. Each year they have a show with vintage cars, stalls the lot and we've only been once. Mr Bun packed us all a picnic and then we set up camp by the car. Handy that at 84 dad has a disabled parking thingy so they had front row parking with the best view.

We sat munching away watching planes whizz by, kill their engines and drop from the sky, twist and turn and all sorts of other edge of your blanket thrills.

I'm not interested in all the talk of how many rivets a plane has, but the stories behind some were fascinating. There was a Mustang that had crashed just outside of Paris in 1944, killing the pilot. Years later the pieces were retrieved, restored and a plane rebuilt that flew once again for the first time in 2008. It was also very silver shiny and fast, I liked that too.

Now I was going to be disciplined and get on with some making work today, but after being cooped up all last week ill, I'm off to visit my friend and her lovely yarn shop.
Have a good week.


  1. So glad it arrived safely! can't wait to see your finished project.I saved a bit for myself to do something patchy and I love your cake with bunting what a great idea, have a good week, Jane x x x x x

  2. I'm loving the daisy fabric you have chosen for the eldest Bun's bedcover... Groovy man;) matches my nana trolley purchase from the weekend.
    Sounds like you only just survived the little Bun's girlie night.. How on earth did you manage to stay awake at the air show?

  3. My daughter has played the vioin for nearly 8 years now - it is really quite nice once they get the hang of it!
    A Mustang flew over here yesterday - I wonder if it was on its way to your airshow?

  4. Love the cake with the bunting! The airshow looks like fun. :)
    I do know what you mean about being distracted. Now don't buying any more yarn in that yarn shop you're visiting today!!! ;)
    Vivienne x

  5. Oooohhh I do love that fabric - very zesty indeed.

    I know how you feel about too many makey things in mind and sooooo many things started and not finished - hey ho, maybe this Winter.

    Nina xxx

  6. My 7 year old had her first violin lesson on Friday. She really enjoyed it and we are only having to cope with plucking the strings at the moment. That cake looks amazing - wish I could eat a slice now! Not so sure about the 1am chattering - we banned sleep overs this year. :)

  7. Great photos!
    I've just got some wool to finish a ripple hooray!

    Hope you find some nice yarn!


  8. Love the bunting! Saw it recently on an American blog where it was really expensive. Think yours looks just as good! Love Big too, what a great film, but doesn't Tom hanks look so young?!!

    Lol x

  9. Thanks for the little sneak peak into your life...lots happening and love your fabric.

  10. Glad to hear you are feeling better. The crochet blanket looks like it is going to be lovely. I am determined that we are going to be warm this winter as well and need to get on with a few projects as well as our swap! Must email you again.
    How wonderful that your daughter has started to play violin and that she has an inspiring teacher. I hope that her lessons go well and she continues to enjoy it.
    Sounds like the party was an outstanding, if not tiring success!
    Oh and I love the fabric - very inspiring.

  11. Ooooh yum, I love that fabric!
    As for the violin, my mother made me learn outside or in the barn until it stopped sounding like cats being drowned. Which was nice.

  12. Little son has been playing for about 3 years now - it can sound really nice - othertimes you might find Ollie & Alfie wanting to leave home ;)

  13. This is one of the times when being Aunt Lynda seems better than having been a mom. :)

    As for the air show, I attended one in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with my husband (aka Uncle Ronnie), and it was interesting but *loud.*

    Judging by his age, I'm assuming that Grandpa-to-the-Buns may be a veteran. If that's so, I'd certainly appreciate it if you'd pass along my thanks for his service.

  14. I alwas admired and still do violin players, their sound is beautiful and it looks so very complicated to me that I think I would never manage to learn it.
    Your fabric is fabulous, love the big flowers and the mix of green and orange, looks very vibrant, a mix I would have never thought of loving one day, simply because I always thought that I don´t like orange. Now since a while I know better, I don´t like orange to wear, but for a cushion or blanket, oh yes, a gorgeous colour!

  15. My word what a busy weekend! Love those planes, how excitng.

    Lovely fabric as ever and I know just the picture you ripped out of H&A for the lovely blanket - I ripped it out too!

    Have a lovely week and hope that nasty cold has cleared off.
    love Stephx

  16. The fabric for your daughter's bedcover is beautiful and so very colorful. When I was growing up (decades ago!) I had on wall in my bedroom decorated with a wallpaper pattern similar to that design. Almost the exact same color scheme, so I has brought back happy memories for me. Love that chocolate cake you baked for your daughter's birthday. Home baked chocolate cake with chocolate icing has always been my favorite. Lovely blog that you have!


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