Sunday, 5 September 2010


Well that's that then. Another wonderful summer has ended and my wee friends are back to school tommorow, adventures packed away for another day.

On Saturday we grabbed the chance for just one more magical day and rode on gallopers, trains and picnicked in beautiful gardens.

Today the season is showing its changes. I'm heavy with cold and sniffing and sneezing endlessly. I've sharpened all the pencils and the Bun's packed their pencil cases and school bags. I had to let skirts down as I left it until today to go and search for new. I felt too ill in the end to face the shops, so a few inches were found with a needle and thread instead.

My very very poorliness meant I needed the restful comfort of the sofa and a bit of time with the yarn stuff. Even these colours tell me the cosiness of autumn is fast upon us. Little Bun has chosen her favourite purple for a winter beret and for Eldest Bun I've chosen wools I need to use up from my stash. In the true spirit of Dottie Angel's Challenge of the Utmost Kind I'm turning to what I have rather than buying more. So I found eight balls of each colour of Rowan's Wool Cotton to knit up a jumper I downloaded from their free patterns page. It's supposed to be knitted in felted tweed, but Eldest Bun shrieked in horror at the scratchiness of the picture before I reassured her that I'd chosen the softest of soft yarns for her.

After my knitting rest stop I felt pretty peckish so went off to cook up comfort food. Mr Bun had come back from walking Alfie with a huge bag of Victoria Plums he'd bought from one of the cottages in our village. I stewed them up with a stick of cinammon, made a crumble topping and then we played Monopoly while we waited for them to cook.

Despite this all sounding like the most blissful of days, it had a very sad start to it. Mabel one of our Light Sussex hens has been very poorly and slow for a few weeks. There's been little I could do for her, other than spoil her and try a few tonics. Little Bun has tried stroking to soothe her discomfort and today sadly she just didn't have enough energy to even stand. Mr Bun went to let them out this morning and then came back to tell me how she was. As much as it broke his heart he knew he had to help her out of her pain so he went to cuddle her for a while to relax her and then it was over. I truly appreciate his strength in being able to do this as I'm not sure if I could have done and she needed to stop her suffering.

On a brighter note - I thought you might like to catch up with our wee maniac Olly. He's growing in size as is his adoration of Alfie. I'm not too sure it's reciprocated, I think Alfie just puts up with the situation.

Lastly, thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes for Eldest Bun. I always really appreciate that you take the time to stop by and say hello, even when I'm so rubbish at getting around to visit and say hello as much as I'd like.

Right I'm off to blow my nose. Ta ta x


  1. So sorry to hear about Mabel, it's good that Mr Bun is not only practical but compassionate too.
    Hope you soon get over the cold, the crumble must have helped!

  2. How sad you lost Mabel, not an easy thing to deal with. Hope you feel better soon and enjoyed the scrummy looking fruit crumble.
    Ann x

  3. Sorry to hear about your dreaded lurgy and hope you get over it soon. Very sad to have lost one of your chickens as well. Back to school for us today as well. Bag is packed, uniforms ironed :-)

    Hopefully once a bit of 'normality' reigns (what's that?!) I can get on with your swap ;-)

  4. So sorry to hear about the loss of a hen and I do hope you feel better soon - all the little Boo's have colds at the didn't stop them diving into the sea yesterday though - hmmmmmm!

    Wee Olly looks so charming and growing fast - even though he's lost the baby fluff you can still see the kitten in him and I bet like ours he's a bit of a handful!?

    take care Mrs B and much love,

    Nina xxx

  5. Those colours in your knitting are truly divine! I think you're amazing making a crumble while feeling ill, puts me to shame! Get well soon. :) xx

  6. Really sorry about Mabel, never easy.
    Lovely picture of Alfie and Olly, it's hard to see where the cat ends and the dog begins being so black and so close!
    Delicious looking crumble. :)
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Vivienne x

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Mabel, it is never easy to lose a furry friend as they a such a part of the family.
    I hope you feel better soon, big hugs.

  8. Sorry to hear about your cold and the sad news of Mabel!

    The crumbles looks lovely, my sister gave me a bag of plums, so you have just given me an idea.

    Vanessa x

  9. I'm so sorry about your Mabel, Lisa. Husbands are so, so handy and wonderful sometimes. I can't believe it's back to school time so soon - it seems the little buns just got out! I hope you're feeling better soon. And I'm sorry I haven't been in touch yet, I'm afraid I am lacking in anything pleasant to say. Forgive me. I'll write soon. xxx

  10. So sad to hear about your chicken, we had one pass away last week - luckily we didn't have to help it as that is a such hard decision to make :-( we also lost a chick - many tears in our house last week. Hope your cold goes soon.

  11. Oh what a shame about Mabel. I'm sorry to hear it and your rotten cold. Hope that delicious looking crumble perked you up a bit.

    Happy knitting!

  12. Get well soon petal...x
    P.S Still makes me chuckle when I read your posts about Alfie and Olly as that's what my boys are called!

  13. Hope you're feeling better soon x Also I saw your comment on Lucys blog about your toilet roll people, made me giggle a lot, esp the bit about Keith Lemon! he he xxxxxxx

  14. So sorry about Mabel hope you feel better soon.


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