Monday, 9 August 2010

A Vintage Lovers Weekend

We've just had the most wonderful weekend. Managed not to spend any pennies, but found some and still have a few treats to show for my bartering skills.

On Saturday we headed to Norwich to see Glory Days open for its first day of trading. We parked at the back of an old warehouse which meant we had a lovely walk through the building having a browse at the fleamarket going on inside.

A bit further up the road we crossed the bridge over the river and then Ruth's shop was there in front of us.

The sea.side window display has Little Bun's favourite cat basking for all to see. She's made by Sasha who also sells at our Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for our Christmas market.

Inside the shop everyone was enjoying the joyful atmosphere that Ruth has managed to create. Mr Bun, like me, likes stuff, so he loved looking at all the bits and bobs and could have bought a thing or two.

We headed off to Pizza Express for a late lunch and then on the way back Mr Bun picked up a £2 coin and then a bit later Little Bun handed me a £5 note she found rolled up on the floor. How odd and lucky. We spent it on sweets and grown up fizz.

Sunday was an early one as Olly landed on my chest at 5.30am. By 7.30am I was all glamed up and ready to drive up to North Norfolk with Teena for Little Vintage Lover Fair.

I was thrilled with how my stall looked and pleased that I sold one of my patchy cushions. I'll be putting the other cushions and some of my Bits & Bobs Purses into my workshop later this week.

I just had to show you this beautiful French china on another stall, isn't it pretty.

There were some wonderful stalls there as usual, with everyone having a great time. It's always good to catch up with people I haven't seen for a while and have a chat. You might have seen Julie who writes Beach Bygones blog in Homes & Antiques a couple of months ago. Such a shame that the bright sun has bleached out the view of her fabulous stall.

Inbetween the chatting, eating and selling I found a bit of time to work a few rows of the ripple blanket.

Then I was joined by T. While she stitched and I rippled we laughed about a few things from the day and agreed we'd had a good day. Might be all the bits and pieces we bartered between each other that made us feel so happy. Or was it the shandy at the pub on the way home?


  1. What a wonderful weekend! You are so lucky to not only be in such a beautiful place but to have a hubby that loves little bits. Mine hates anything to do with shopping. Everything is gorgeous.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Your stall was lovely. :)
    I agree that French china is so beautiful, you must have been tempted!!!!
    Vivienne x

  3. What a sweet hubby you have!I'm lucky too..mine always looks out for things he knows I like to collect when we're out and about.
    Your stall looked delicious..I wish I'd been there!

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. All looks gorgeous, both the shop and the Fair, wish I'd been there for a spot of retail therapy. Glad you had a good day.
    Hen x

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Those cups are devine

  6. OMG, that China is TDF! The whole store looks like a big-girl toy box. I would be in heaven there. So sorry we live so far apart, otherwise, I would have to bop in there for that China!

  7. A lovely colourful weekend and free. I'm lucky to have a hubby who loves bootfairs etc it does help..
    Cate x

  8. A lovely weekend!! there is something so wonderful, but a little bit naughty about finding money on the floor isn't there??

    Those teacups are stunning xx

  9. A lovely weekend that you shared with us Lisa. That cushion nestled with the patchy ones is pretty too!

  10. the ripple is looking goood!

  11. It sounds like the perfect weekend, with plenty of shopping potential too! Your stall looks lovely - I wish I could have visited.
    Cathy X

  12. Your stall looks lovely! I love all the bits you make... Wish I could have been there too! ;-)x

  13. A perfect weekend! The china is beautiful, how did you resist?!

  14. Fantastic weekend by the sound of it.
    Oh if only I lived in your neck of the woods, I be hot footing it to these lovely places & markets... Come to think of it I would probably be skint, although my house would be full of treasures.

  15. Your stall looked great. When I came to see it later on it the day I saw the little Burleigh tea cups had been sold - they were so cute. I loved the vibe at the Little Vintage Lover Fair. I was very restrained too and only bought a little seaside jug and a vintage Felixstowe tray! It was a fun day. The shop in Norwich looks lovely too.

  16. I live quite close to Norwich so am going to visit Glory Days next time I'm there. Your stall looked fab too.
    kind regards, Shirley

  17. hello mrs B, sorry I havent left you a message for what seems like an age, I do so love your blog and all your gorgeous makes and I've wanted to say how lovely that little black kitten of yours is too,but time got away with me. I know ive said it before, but I soooo wish my mum still lived in North Elmham, I would have coincided all my visits with these vintagey fairs, they look incredibly fab..I'm so glad you have a little workshop for us 'Westerners' to have a spend in!
    The Glory days shop looks great.You are husband does this fidget/back ache thing which drives me mad when he's in a shop like that..makes me all grumpy because you need to scour the pretty stuff lots and look at everything at least fifteen times each(he is held up with half a ton of medical steel so I cant blame him but that's a whole 'nother story!) well done on finding the money too..yay for free sweeties and fizz! xx

  18. i love that french tea set I might not have been able to leave it behind! fliss xxx


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