Monday, 23 August 2010

Stitchery & a Bit of Mystery

I seriously missed stitching while I was away. I took my ripple to work on and added a wave or two while the Bun's ate breakfast, but for the other quiet times I did an odd thing which I don't normally do and just sat still.

Saturday morning I pulled out a library book I've had for a while now Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Eldest Bun was badly in need of jammie bottoms and being tall for almost ten (she's 5ft 6" already) the choice for clothes suitable for a little girl gets limited. I struggle to keep her looking trendy enough (to keep her happy) and not looking older than she is (to keep us happy) when I have to buy 14 year old or even size 8 clothes for her.

Searching in my stash I found enough Daisy print by Amy Butler to run up the jammies. We were both thrilled with the end result and they've been worn ever since. They were so easy to run up that I'm going to make a pattern up for each of us so we can have some cosy winter ones each. Maybe a von Trapp family look, all matching would be just the thing!

I haven't made clothes since I was at art college and used to run up things from fabric I'd printed. I'd forgotten just how satisfying it is and with two tall gorgeous daughter's to dress I might need to do a bit more of it.

The other bit of stitchery took up the rest of Saturday. Since seeing Nanny McPhee's Big Bang I've had this idea rambling in my head and it's finally come out. Not fully finished yet, but we're nearly there. The idea is to make a fabric ribbon tie for my waist and add this brooch to the side of it to wear with dresses.

I loved making all the tiny yo yo's from faded scraps of fabric and then stitching them all together. Mr Bun thinks they look like balloons and said it's his favourite make of mine so far. He always says that about each new thing I make which is lovely.

Now late on Saturday I had an urge to take my lot on a mystery tour. I booked a boat trip for early Sunday morning, packed them all in the car and off we went.

We parked up by this fabulous Arts & Crafts house, which had originally been built as a holiday home in 1904. I can see why they chose this spot as How Hill House has amazing views out across the Norfolk Broads from here.

Anyway no dawdling as we were on a 10am boat trip so we needed to run to get our tickets from Toad Hole Cottage (where the Marshmen used to live).

We popped in later on to have a look round.

Luckily it was only us on the boat with the Broads guide, so it was as peaceful as could be. We started out on the main wider broad and then dipped away in the narrow dykes lined with reeds running along behind it.

Dragonflies danced along with us the whole way. Halfway along we got out to walk to a bird hide and have a look see and then back on our boat to come back for a walk.

We started out from Toad Hole Cottage and walked across a water meadow, followed dykes and rambled through woodland.

We crossed bridges and found a few blackberries to munch on the way.

Until we got back to the large meadow in front of How Hill House and collapsed with our picnic lunch. Little Bun sat and caught fairies, we even shut our eyes and laid in the sun for a bit before we were talked into a game of catch.



  1. Mrs B, your tiny yo yos are exquisite. I am swooning x

  2. I love your tiny yo-yo's. For some reason I can't make them, yet everybody makes it look so easy.
    It looks like you had a beautiful day out, such a peaceful looking place. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's great that you've found your sewing mojo.
    Your family adventure sounds so heavenly to me..... When I save my pennies for my English holiday I intend to do exactly that... I often play a little game with the kids where we take on the characters of Ratty, Moley, Badger & Toad.. Your photos look straight from Wind In The Willows territory.

  4. Your pj's are fab, what a great idea to make them yourself. I too have tall children and it's not so bad for my son being tall but I feel for my daughter being the tallest by far in her year. She is in age 9 clothes at least and she is only 6. They both have huge feet too and can only see us heading to more problems the older they get!

    Your blog is so lovely too by the way!


  5. A few years ago we hired a Broads cruiser and moored one night at How Hill - it was such a gorgeous place top wake up, the sunrise and views were amazing.
    I agree, your yoyos do look like a little bunch of balloons!

  6. That looks an absolutely idyllic day out Lisa!! :)
    Just love the fabric in the jammie bottoms.
    The little yo-yos are very cute, do you know I bought a yo-yo maker months ago and I haven't even taken it out of the packet! You've inspired me, I'll have to have a go and see what I can make with them.
    Vivienne x

  7. I want some of those jimmy jams, they are lovely. What a fab day, it looks like bliss!

  8. I'm 39, and 5 foot 2, and your daughter would tower over me!!!!!!! Love your brooch, and the new Nanny McPhee film is brilliant, isn't it. Love Vanessa xxx

  9. The pyjamas are fab. I have visited Toad Hall Cottage in the past. Great fun.
    regards, Shirley

  10. I agree with nice Mr. Bun, the brooch does look like a bunch of balloons and it is beautiful.
    The pj's looks great too.
    Your family day out sounded and looked wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing.


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