Thursday, 12 August 2010

Soothing My Nerves

For the last ten days my teeth and my car have been in a lot of pain. I think my car has been in pain a lot longer really, but I just turned the music up louder to drown out the noises it was making. In the end she said please be nice to me or I'll stop working completely. So one fat bill later and she's a happy thing. Now for the teeth. I'm writing this between dentist visits to keep me busy. An hour ago I found out that my pain is caused by a bad nerve which needs pulling out. It sounds really horrible and really painful if you ask me. Mr Bun is coming to hold my hand when we head back in an hour.

So humour me and we'll have a look at some pretty and happy stuff to take my mind off drills, needles and large bills. Smart lamb came back from the carboot yesterday. He was our only buy as we left early after having seen a friend with terribly sad news. Suddenly wandering around a field lost it's meaning. I'm not being upbeat enough yet am I.

If I need upbeat this picture really does it for me. In fact the whole Bun gang loves it. I swapped it with Teena on Sunday for some of my Rosa china. One day soon my drill will be out and it will go up on the wall, but for now it looks perfect behind this lustre duck. I was given him on Sunday too by another friend who has stalls at most of the markets I do.

To add to our growing ladybird collection I was given some of the Reading scheme books by another friend who we met at the beach. The old school the Bun's used to be at was having a clear out and luckily she rescued these for me before they hit the bonfire (I know, can you believe it).

Finally a buy from Teena for Mr Bun the only tea drinker here. I keep promising to knit or crochet a tea cosy for him, but we didn't have the just so pot, now I have no excuses. Well I do have a few I guess. Eldest Bun is ten on the 1st of September so presents to start making for her, orders to make up, workshop to load up with goodies and we're also off for a few days at the beach on Monday. Let's just get that nasty tooth business out of the way first shall we.


  1. Good luck, Sweetie. You'll do fine -- dentistry has come a long way now.

    Pretty pictures!

  2. Hello!

    I love your blog! It's strange that both of our last posts have strangely similar content..! :)

  3. Oh I really hope you got on okay at the dentist and that the pretty pictures helped take your mind off it! Eldest Bun has a very special birthday - although I wish I was going to be 10 instead of 39! Lucy x ;o)

  4. I hope your dentist visit was less scary than you predicted :-( Lovely bright post to try and cheer you up.

  5. I love your new vintage pretties!
    I hope that your tooth nerve is now better and so is your car!
    I have a dentist appointment next Monday and I`m too dreading it!
    My hubby voluntereed to hold my hand, while I`m being tortured!Lol


  6. Oh Mrs Bun, do feel better soon. Just keep focused on that sweet little lamb.

  7. I have just had root canal treatment and I have to say it was verging on pleasant!
    And I should just say I am not kinky! but as Lemony Renee says dentistry has come a long way.

  8. Oooh sounds horrid. Hope you feel much better very soon. I love your treasures - the beautiful pictures the most.

    Take lots and lots care. Soup with a straw then!
    Love Stephx

  9. Hope all went well at the dentist!
    Enjoy your few days at the beach next week. :)
    Vivienne x

  10. Cyber hug hope your feeling ok now
    Cate x

  11. All your little finds are sweet its so nice of your friends to think of you,hope your teeth feel better soon

  12. I do feel for you as I always dread my visits to the dentist.Afterwards I think..why did I stress about it?.it was fine..but I always do! Hope it was pain free for you.
    ADORE that picture!..what a find!

    Bellaboo :o)

  13. hope the tooth feels better now. Love the picture.

  14. 好文不寂寞~支持!!!!@@a 搞錯了,這不是論壇推文 XDDD............................................................

  15. teeth are trouble when they come and as you move into middle years - and you have to pay good money to go through pain!


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