Friday, 27 August 2010

Itty Bitty

So far this week we've done a bit of this and a bit of that. It's all been good, except for that bad bad August weather that has cast a chill over us all. Luckily the rain kept away for Car Boot Wednesday - hurray I said as I haven't been able to go for a couple of weeks. The Bun's weren't as thrilled until they found the thing they'd searched for all summer long. A big green plastic Barbie car was spotted and then they believed in the power of the CB to deliver.

I only brought home toys too. I rescued a wee rabbit lost in a box badly in need of a wash and a home. I couldn't resist the dancing sailors on this toy fan so in the basket that went too.

Someone else came back too and now sits happily with his friend on the cheery shelf.

I found a squeaky Big Ears to match the Noddy Mr Bun bought for me. Sadly I was very happy indeed.

Around playing in corn mazes, bike rides, visiting friends and a day of work I've been stitching and planning for Eldest Bun's birthday. Some of the stash has filled up a basket to inspire me as I picked fabrics to use.

She has asked for a new bag so I've designed a buckety hold it all type for her with pockets at the front. Before I sew it all up I'm stitching a design on the front to make it unique to her and her name.

We've also agreed to her having her ears pierced. She thinks this is the best most grown up thing ever. Depsite the fact that I've got five piercings in my ears I still can't get my head around my perfect unblemished little girl having holes in her ears, but what the heck it's not that big a deal really in the scheme of things.

Now more stuff to do as I chase my tail yet again. Bank holiday weekend is coming with lots of great plans, just hope that wet stuff keeps away for a while longer.


  1. Eldest Bun's bag is going to look lovely!
    Such a big deal when they get their ears pierced. I remember taking my daughter to get hers done when she was about the age of your daughter. Like you she has 5 piercings in her ears now !!
    Have a good weekend. I hope your weather improves, we've had a lovely sun shiny week here! We're for London this weekend for a few days so I hope I bring my weather with me!
    Vivienne x

  2. I love your treasures! I'm a BIG FAN of Noddy and Big Ears too. You always have such lovely pics - thanks for sharing. SueXXX

  3. I love Noddy and Big Ears!
    The bag is going to be a stunner.
    I hope the weather is kind is to you. We have had rain for the whole of the summer holidays!

  4. Your collection is heaven! I'm so glad you rescued mr. bunny. Yea! we hope to see him after his bath and beauty palor!

  5. Your daughter will be thrilled with her bag.My niece wanted to have her ears pierced but my sister wouldn't allow it,so she got a friend to do it with a needle and a cork...ouch!!
    So pleased Big Ears has his friend by his side.

    Bellaboo :o)

  6. Nothing wrong with being happy about reuniting Big Ears and his pal Noddy!
    That is going to be one lovely bag for eldest bun.
    I had my ears pierced at 21, went into jewellers and asked to make an appointment, they said no appointments, would do it there and then, I nearly keeled over with fear but went through with it and glad I did.

  7. the bag for your daughter looks so very lovely right now, I am really looking forward to see the finished item, it would be truely an inspiration for some Christmas gifts for me.
    And how lovely your board of toys and children books is, must keep this in mind when I visit a fleamarkte next time. Looks so happy and joyful with all this beautiful items.

  8. It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun and how great to have a wednesday car boot. I love the fan with the dancing sailors. The bag looks as thought it is going to be lovely, what a special present.I can remember us having the same ear piercing dilemma but as you say it's not that important in the grand scheme of things.
    Ann x

  9. the bag looks like it will be lovely I collect egg cups and have Noddy and Big Ears, they both have lovely felt hats to keep your egg warm :)
    have a good weekend
    Cate x

  10. oohh your bright post was just what I needed with the grey days we have been having. Pierced ears - it is funny how it seems such a big thing - my middle one keeps pondering on it but hasn't decided yes or no yet.

  11. This weather is indeed a disapointment, we had such a promising start to summer, now look at it!
    Love your CB treaures :) xxxx

  12. I remember Noddy so well. My brother had so many books, and sadly my mother was in a giving mood and gave them all away!

  13. Hope your weekend went well. I love your treasures, Noddy and Big EArs are great and I'm not surprised you were thrilled..oh the things that make us happy!

    Five ear piecings?! My that is a lot.


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