Monday, 2 August 2010

Glory Days

It feels an age again since I stopped by to say hello. Summer holidays are in full swing and we've been catching up with friends for beach trips, play and fun. Around all of this I've been trying to make stuff and I've not been very disciplined. I've been too easily distracted by all the fun going on. Good to see some new followers have stopped by too to say hello.

I did manage to sit myself down and make the bunting I've meant to make for an age now. I folded the fabric over garden twine for speed and now I'm in love with this look for bunting - for now.

While I sewed the pieces together someone's eye saw the twine twisting and turning and came for a closer look.

This is what a reprimanded Olly looks like, before he is back chewing and pulling again.

This bunting was destined for a shop - one I've mentioned before that will be opening this Saturday. The Bun's and I went along today to deliver a few bits and bobs to Ruth the gorgeous and so happy proprietor of Glory Days. Now the sign won't be up for a few days yet, but inside all was starting to take shape and it's glorious.

Little Bun told Ruth 'I think your shop is lovely.' They were in seventh heaven as no doubt the big girls will be when they're let in to spend their pennies.

Isn't this pink painted wardrobe beautiful. Kind Hearts dresses are hanging on my Hooky Hangers, with one of my Bits and Bobs rose purses up on the shelf above.

I'm so pleased with how my Happy Days bunting looks on the shelves. I could have bought so much before the shop was already open.

Apart from the most divine Art Deco cake stand I absolutely fell in love with this glass display cabinet. It's still second to Ma and Pa Larkins Galleon drinks cabinet though.

Ruth had so very kindly bought the Bun's a sunshine cupcake each for when they arrived. Welcomes don't get better than that. If you happen to be in Norwich on Saturday (when the shop opens) or any other day then you'll find Glory Days on 21 Magdalen Street (just at the bottom of Elm Hill, at the Cathedral end of the city). If you pop along on Saturday I heard a rumour that there might be Pink Lemonade to drink.

Once we left Ruth there were quite a few charity shops and a fleamarket to vist. The Bun's stocked up on some books and I spied a beautiful linen tablecloth.

Then we oohed and aahed at some vintage things in the fleamarket. I stocked up on candy stripe bags and tissue paper for Sunday and then spied this too lovely to leave behind plastic 1950's fruit basket. I can see this being the perfect place to show of those brooches that I still haven't made. Better get making.


  1. I feel a trip to Norwich coming on!
    Gorgeous finds as always,and puss is just soooo cute!

    Bellaboo ;o)

  2. Oh that shop looks brilliant - shall be dragging MrVV to Norwich soon.

    Ollie is cute - has just that sort of 'what me?' face :)

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous shop and how exciting having your crafts for sale in it!!
    I have to say Olly really looks like he's been told off - not!!! lol
    Vivienne x

  4. Lil Olly looks so mischeviously cute! The new shop looks so fun. Best of luck to your friend Ruth. Enjoy a wonderful week....

  5. I think I have fallen in love with the cat.

    Shop looks fab.

  6. lovely, hope it all goeas well
    Cate x

  7. Oooh what a lovely shop - but oh so far away! Not very fair but good for my purse I suppose. And what super bunting, very cheery.

    What handsome chap your Olly is I bet your Little Buns are so in love with him.

    Sorry not to have popped the knitting needles in the post to you yet Lisa - Cornwall has sort of interrupted my train of thought a bit! Should be winging their way to you later this week.


  8. Hi just found your lovely blog via Bellaboo. Love your colourful home. Please visit me, I have a giveaway open until 25th August if you would like to sign up!

  9. I would love to visit that stop. Lovely pictures!

  10. Its such a long way from Devon to Norwich but I fear that it has to be done,maybe next year?!!!
    I love your's so inspiring!

  11. Mrs Bun... The shop looks exciting lots of lovely goodies... I'm sure your items will be snapped up, bunting looking pretty.

  12. The shop looks great -I shall look out for it on my next trip to Norwich.

  13. That shop is adorable! Do you think anybody would notice if I moved in?
    It's so lovely.

  14. 真正仁慈的人,會忘記他們做過的善行,他們全心投入現在的工作,過去的事已被遺忘。.................................................

  15. What a wonderful shop, why cant they have shops like that here! xxx

  16. oh that shop looks lovely a bit too far for me though! i love your little plastic bowl and Olly he's so cute! take care, fliss xx

    p.s i tried to take Josh charity shopping with me today he cried in everyshop, i thought id cracked it when he got a toy story game for a pound but it just made it worse as he wanted to go home quicker so he could play with it! your so lucky you can get the buns to go to car boots with you! xxx

  17. What a shop!! I need a trip to Norwich which is spent purely in Elm Hill and Lower Goat Lane areas without the big shops!

  18. The shop looks I wish I was still able to drive for more than 20 -30 minutes at a time, I'd be up your way like a shot!

    Oh dear, naughty Olly. ;-)

  19. My middler is called Olly and he does that cute just before naughty look too!! Although, as a teenage boy it's normally alot naughtier than jumping on my bunting... thank you for your kind comment. I'm not sure 'sensation' was the word that sprung to mind on the dance floor... one lady asked if I was doo lally... charming x

  20. Wow it all looks so sweet and fabulous,I,ve made a few bunting flags in the last few weeks I love the colour and happiness they can bring to the room.That shop is amazing.


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