Monday, 30 August 2010

Glitz & Blitz

The weekend kicked off with a parcel of uplifting vintage fabric from Sal coming through the letterbox. I'd ordered a couple of cheery prints and a pack of odds and ends. Sal so thoughtfully popped in a few other bits to make the parcel even more exciting.

These are my favourite oddments from the scraps pack. Laying them out like this has given me the idea to use them in an uneven patchwork for a cushion or a quilt? Probably a quilt as we're already feeling chilly and might be badly in need of it's warmth very soon.

We quickly changed the plans we had for Sunday when we saw one of the local museums had a Village at War weekend planned called Glitz & Blitz. We were all going to dress up, but it was so freezing and the rain and wind were torrential at times so we dressed with a vintage nod on the top half and C21st jeans and Doc Martens at the bottom.

We were given Identity Papers and Ration Cards for the Bun's to exchange for sweets when we arrived. As we walked in, the first thing that we saw on the edges of an army camp was this fabulous caravan.

Seeing this Austin Seven reminded me of the stories my Dad tells of his childhood in the early 1930's. My favourite is about their visits to London zoo driving up in their Austin Seven. They always stopped at St John's Wood to have a picnic breakfast to break up the journey. Looking at the size of the car I should think Dad and Aunty Betty were glad to get out for a bit.

As we walked to the main marquee I was drawn to this scene of a lady with two vintage prams carrying dollies.

There were fabulous vintage clothes collections to look at and a bit of have a go glamour. Mr Bun drew on a Spiv's moustache and the Bun's had some fun with red lippy.

I wished my hair was still long as I would have loved to have had it styled by Flamingo Amy.

When we went outside the rain was awful so we ran pretty quickly to the village sweet shop to claim the Bun's sweetie ration.

We rode out the storm by watching film reels of Norwich in 1945 and Public Information films on farming and Air Raids. The Sergeant came in to check our papers just to make sure we were who we said we were. Then we popped back to the Marquee to hear a group we love go through numbers of the day, including a mean George Formby number. Little Bun always giggles when her daddy sings her 'When I'm Cleaning Winders' so she smiled all the way through.

Storm over and off to the farm for the Village Fete preparations.

It felt as if we were in an episode of Darling Buds of May with the Girl Guides camp and the fairground all set up in the meadow. The Bun's tried out all the rides.

I stood and had a think about how much I hated Girl Guide camping. In fact pretty much all of it as I was thrown out in the end without a badge to my name. I've never been a team thingy person.

Before we headed back for cakes we visited the farm. In the farmhouse chocolate truffles were being made out of mashed potato and other goodies out of whatever rationing allowed.

As for the animals, a couple of calves had been born the month before and the Piglets we'd seen in May were bigger and needed a good scratch.

Our last view of the farm was of a pair of Suffolk Punch horses ploughing a field as we headed back feeling so happy and content after such a feel good day.


  1. Ooooh ,what a great day!
    I would love to gave a nosey in that caravan. Looks like the weather improved for you too.
    Jacquie x

  2. Thank you for taking me on that lovely visit. :)

  3. Love all those pieces of fabric!And what a wonderful day out-have never been to England,so love seeing all your lovely photos of interesting things you get up to-so many vintage & historic happenings.

  4. My goodness, I'm exhausted after reading about your wonderful fun filled day! I bet the little buns really enjoyed it. I would have! :-)

    The fabric looks lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  5. Thanks for sharing your day it looked great, we would have really enjoyed that.
    lucky you managed to dodge the weather.
    cate x

  6. It's a great event, I went a few years ago. Shame I missed it this year but will be going next year for definate. Hope you all had a great time :).

  7. Wowwhat a great day out. Thank you for sharing.

  8. You surely had a great day, I would so much love to visit such a vintage event one day. We don´t have them here in Germany, but I have heard a lot about them in England, there was once also a TV article with them here.
    Your fabrics are gorgeous, wonderful colours and patterns!

  9. WoW,the Bun family does have some lovely,fun days out! Would love to get my hands on that caravan and do a makeover on it!That fabric will make a gorgeous quilt. :o)

  10. What a great day out.I just love your fabrics and will look forward to seeing the finished objects.

  11. You lucky spuds - what a great day out. We have a Railway at War weekend down the road in April and it's very similar. Great fun for everyone (especially me!)

    Have fun with those gorgeous fabrics!

  12. Wow that all looks fantastic! I know what you mean about teamy things, I went to Brownies but it wasn't really my thing either.

  13. Mmmm love the fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what wonderful creation you turn them into! Your colours are alwys spot on.

  14. Mmmm love those fabrics. looking forward to seeing what wonderful creation you turn them into. Your colours are always spot on!

  15. I visited that museum this summer - a lovely place and I hope to go again one day.

  16. I am way behind with my blog reading having had a sudden surge of English lessons...very strange!
    Anyway,I am glad you can put the fabric to good use and I can't wait to see what you make!
    Looks like you had an amazing day out...just my sort of day! xx;-)


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