Saturday, 21 August 2010

Blighty at it's Best

After a week's camping the Bun's and I are back. A bit grubbier than when we left, full of the fun we had and glad to be back home - me with my man and the Bun's with their daddy and furry friends.

We did all the proper seaside stuff - funfairs, penny arcades, candyfloss, tons of chips, icecream and games of crazy golf.

Dune jumping holding big rubber rings kept them busy for a while.

Then they hopped on board their inflatables and sailed along this channel of water just in from the sea. My mum and I laid back, shut our eyes and had a lovely time just being. That is until the most deserted beach in the universe had ten teenagers appear on it. Guess where they sat.

Amazingly I loved the crazy golf. You need to realise I have an almost psychopathic hatred of the game. The gate at the bottom of my folks house opens onto a golf course, they bought it because of this so they could nip out to play whenever. Dad has played since he was 14 so that's 70 years of it now and mum's been playing since forever. I hated it though. The only bit I loved was the powdery old ladies who bought me coconut slices and other delicious handmade cakes at the teas after a game. I was a sulky kid who refused to hit the ball properly when I had lessons. It obviously went in though as I showed the Bun's how to hold the putter properly and how to stand. I got quite competitive.

So maybe it's an age thing?

One of my favourite parts of the whole break was watching the sun set at low tide. The beach and the light was breathtaking and made me feel overwhelmed really by the beauty and power of nature. I forgot my camera and so I took some stunning shots on my phone. I haven't got a clue how I get them from there to here though, so you'll have to take my word for it.

See you soon.


  1. Looks like you had a good old British holiday! I must admit I love crazy golf and I'm afraid no matter what I'm playing I'm extremely competitive, I can't help it!! :)
    Vivienne x

  2. What lovely colourful photo's - like you, we had a good old fashioned British holiday and you can't beat it (providing the weather's good!).

  3. Those kind of holidays are the best I think.I remember sliding down sand dunes on trays when we were young..great fun!

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. A proper seaside holiday - love them. Looks like you had a great time :)

  5. I hated golf too - my Mum, Dad and three brothers loved it. I never took lessons, it was my biggest act of rebellion as a kid (it wasn't an exciting time!). For about 5 years we even used to hire a caravan in the middle of a golf course for our yearly 2 week holiday. On the upside, the caravan was in Cornwall (Perranporth). on the downside it was about a 14hr drive to get there from NE Scotland!
    What memories you have stirred! Glad you enjoyed the crazy golf, I don't mind it either.

  6. I love you Lisa! And then I realised you have actually never seen me so the assumption that I look like an aged Sophie D comes from my post. Oh dear, I am so sorry to disappoint, but to give you a better mental image.....
    you know the film 'Twins', with Arnie Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, well I am Danny x

  7. sounds like you had a brilliant time away...lots of activity.the mention of mini golf & i break into a husband is super good & me..I'm what could be called freeform.

  8. Don't believe a word of what Jus says, she is nothing like Danny! Well except for her humour probably ;-) She is lovely.

    Did you get your chocolate?

    Certainly is the best of Blighty, why is it though when you find a nice secluded spot someone(s) always have to come and park themselves right next to you.

    I love crazy golf, but am completely hopeless at it, but have a good laugh.

  9. I have those same silvery sandals! Lovely, aren't they? I find they go with everything and I have lived in them all this summer.

    You just made me realize that I have never taken my little guy miniature golfing. Ack!


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