Saturday, 10 July 2010

This is the Life

Feeling hot hot hot and very dusty on Friday evening we all piled into a stuffy car for a wee drive to somewhere cool. Utter bliss when we got out of that car at Southwold, right at the estuary with Walberswick on the other side. Cool wind and icy cold sea around our legs - a heavenly start to our weekend.

Saturday morning and a parcel arrived. I knew it was coming, but didn't know just how wonderful the contents would be.

1930's and 40's feedsack in the most delicious prints from Sal's Snippets all soon to patched. I decided that being very old and as I was going make something with all this lovliness, then I was definately keeping to the challenge of the utmost kind.

Can you spot something peeking out under all that colourful beauty? My bloggy friend Nina started and finished a ripple blanket recently and when I went over to mousenotebook for a read I saw another ripple, this time inspired by the Norfolk coast. I've wanted to join in for a while now, but just lacked the oommpph. Well at last I've sorted through my oddments of soft cottony and wool cotton yarn and got going inspired by these ladies.

Everyone who's said how addictive this is is absolutely right. I don't know if it's the repetitive rise and fall of the waves or just the choosing of the next colour, but this is fun. For now - I add. Hopefully I can stay with this blanket and finish it as two young Bun's have their eyes on it.

My other addiction is this patchy cushion business at the moment. Eldest Bun ordered one so I did as I was asked for once and whipped her one up.

Large bits of our weekend were spent watching this wee furball and playing with him.

Apart from when Alfie sat on him to remind us how important he is too.

Late on Saturday afternoon we went to a favourite place of ours to pick raspberries for tea. Quite a few were tested out before we wandered back through the fields to pay and eat icecream surrounded by baby bantams scratching about.

The cake I made today filled with raspberries looked good enough for the WI, but grandparents and an aunt helped us eat that before I got to my camera, so you'll just have to believe me.


  1. I love those cushions you're making I think I may have to have a go at one myself. I found a gorgeous childs skirt in the charity shop last week and I think I'm going to chop it up tomorrow and make it in to a cushion! X

  2. Lovely fabric Lisa and well done on the ripple, great colours!
    Lucky you with the heat, they said the UK was divided into two parts, one part with 30 deg C and one part with 30mm of rain! Guess which bit I was in!!?
    I'm so in love with your kitten!
    Vivienne x

  3. Ah, dreamy and delicious. I could murder those raspberries right now. I am wearing my brooch. It is an absolute winner. I adore it.

  4. Your pet photos are just too cute! Love the ripple :) xxx

  5. I love's like stepping back in time!Can just imagine you all squealing as you went in the cold sea!
    Well done on your the colours you have chosen..I think I might start one of those..if I EVER get my crochet squares blanket finished!Just bought some raspberries for dinner tonight,I prefer them to strawberries.
    Have a good week.. and give those gorgeous pets a cuddle from me!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  6. 下次再來希望可以看到新的作品喔。..................................................

  7. Hello my bloggy friend - I love that phrase, sounds naughty and nice all in one go.

    Love the feedsack material and 'yay' a ripple though mine is coming to the end of it's days and will hopefully be a blanket - even if it's a smallish one - very soon....once I've finished a ton of other stuff that is.

    Anyhow, still on the laptop hence my snail like visits.

    take care and have a fabulous day,

    Nina x

  8. Thanks for the mention!
    I just had an order from someone who came to me via your thanks!!
    Hope you do great things with your fabric!

  9. Hello Lisa, thanks for the shout out - but the link to my site seems to be broken - it's, cheers!


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