Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mabel, Olly and a Thing or Two

At the moment I have a little demon helping me with everything I do. When I work on my ripple blanket at night he's there nibbling my toes and bouncing on me. He loves the pictures rolling up and down on the laptop and then jumps all over the keyboard to type in odd messages. Now Olly is getting in on the photo taking lark too.

All set up for a picture and there he is like a whirlwind of fur.

This is the what I'd meant you to see, but I bet you loved seeing him more. I picked up this Lucie Atwell Annual in the charity shop yesterday when I popped out for a break at work.

All that's left of my beloved childhood annual is the cover. Inside this 1966 version the paper is still soft and spongy as I remember it, with all the characters parading around to welcome us into their safe and magical world.

Alongside the Boo's, the children and the furry creatures are some gorgeous illustrations just as you'd expect.

Now being a Wednesday and my day off I went to the Car Boot in search of much needed embroidered linens. Instead I came home with a Pixie straight out of the pages of Enid Blyton and Mabel Lucie Atwell.

I think he'll be at home here with his other friends don't you?

I also did well finding glass today. Olly jumps straight in again before I get to show you some of my haul.

This 1930's green glass bowl was filthy when I found it, but looks lovely now all cleaned up with the stripy glasses.

The other bits of yumminess from my week so far are these stunning Larkspur and

Dahlia's that were being sold outside a house. Fantastic for 80p a bunch.

The cake I made on Sunday was so popular I baked another for tea on Monday. The fresh raspberries in the middle with the jam and buttercream make it melt in your mouth. Still can't get the measure of a light sponge mind you, never mind.

Now I'm off to glamourise a little as I'm off out with Teena to Wiveton Farm for a Private View of an artist who's name I've completely forgotten. Never mind a glass of wine, great surroundings having a chat and giggle with a friend will make up for my loss of memory.


  1. Ooh,Olly...what big claws you have!
    Lovely car boot finds.I wish there was one round here during the week.
    Those are such lovely cottage garden flowers and what a bargain!
    The word verification for this comment was 'glocat'!!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Love reading your blog and dropping in every Wednesday to see your fab car boot finds! Just wondering if the car boot is anywhere near Blakeney as we are coming down on holiday in a couple of weeks (can't wait!) and would love to go, (we don't really have any near where we live)

    Olly is gorgeous by the cute! Helen x

  3. Aww, I'd forgotten what scoundrels kittens are. What fun. And what big claws! Love that pixie -- he would be a small fortune around here. Have fun tonight!

  4. Lovely booty finds! You'll be pleased to hear i did make a cushion or three the other day after copying your idea....will blog about them soon! x

  5. Lovely finds & obviously Olly thinks so too...he is just adorable!

  6. It's beyond me how you ever manage do anything but play with that gorgeous little creature, I don't think I'd be able to resist!
    Beautiful flowers and what a bargain too. Yummy cake as well! :)
    Have a lovely evening.
    Vivienne x

  7. oohh that cake looks so yummy, have a fab time tonight :-)

  8. He certainly looks a right little rascal! Some fun finds today and a very yummy looking cake.

  9. Hello Olly your mum found some lovely things.
    can't wait for the hols and weekday booting :)
    Cate x

  10. Now that is spooky.. I have the very same Mabel Lucie Atwell tin and the same pixie ornament!!
    Great minds think alike eh!

    As for Olly.. he will soon be ruling the roost as dogs have owners and cats have staff!


  11. Such a lovely journey for me back to the land of Enid Blyton! xx

  12. What a cutie Olly is :) Our whiskey is just like that, forever trying to steal away my wool when I am working on something, lol :) xxxx

  13. Belynda Sharples and my oh my weren't her painting just beautiful! t.xx (i'm in love with pixie!)

  14. You have a lovely blog, I found it through dottie angel! Ahhhh I love kitsch bright vintage things! Im an artist who lives in Portsmouth and I work for Aspex gallery. Maybe you could have a look at my blog and see what you think. I will pop you on my blogs i like thingy. Keep up the good work its gorgeous!

  15. Olly reminds me of my cat when he was a kitten (he is now 17 years old and still going strong). I have a very similar jug to yours - the cream one with the flowers on. Good old car boots and charity shops. Where would we be without them?

  16. Everything in this post is so delciously pretty.... That pixie looks straight from the Enchanted Wood.
    The Larkspurs are amazing, I have only had one dismal attempt at growing them.... But Dahlias I can do.

  17. Another fab post with droolworthy delights for the eye. My tummy rumbled when it caught sight of your cake. My sponges used to be tasty but a little dense until I started doing the following:
    All ingredients at room temperature, I get it all sat on the side the night before sometimes. I sift the flour AND the sugar. Always use an electric whisk. Have the oven hot and ready to pop the cake in the second you have finished whisking and dolloping in the tin. Grease the sides of the tin so it can rise effortlessly. Gently place the tins in the oven and gently close the door. Don't peep before 20 minutues at least (for a victoria sponge, times change for others)
    Some how this all worked for me and my sponges are fluffy things now and I still get excited everytime I find a success in my oven, I had so many disasters! x

  18. I haven't been around for a while so I've had a lovely time catching up on all your colourful posts. Those Mabel Lucy Atwell illustrations took me right back to childhood, and Olly!! So cute. I think he will probably steal your blog like a certain little dog tries to steal mine! Penny x
    Planet Penny

  19. Just to say you may want to take a look over at my blog!!!!!

  20. Olly is just about the cutest kitten I've ever seen. I let out a huge 'awwwwwww' when I saw his photo. He certainly looks like a mischievous little thing! The cake you made looks yummy too...could you please send me a slice for elevensies?! Katie x


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