Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Heavenly Wednesday

If you've been reading my ramblings for a while now, you'll know how much I love to hunt for vintage treasures. Never knowing quite what I'll come home with is part of the excitement. I have an ongoing list of wants in my head, but usually I spot something that's not even on that list.

Today was an oooohh and aaaahhh kind of day as I stumbled on a new and very lovely seller at the boot. Bags and bags of fabric from a haberdashery shop all laid out to be picked through.

I'm very happy with my £2 bundle of loveliness. It turns out the seller had already heard of me as a friend had mentioned me and this here blog to her.

Coloured glass was one of the other things on my head list and I found a piece or two of that as well.

I couldn't leave this Greydawn teapot behind either.

My afternoon was meant to be a making work stuff afternoon, but I got distracted by the never finished pile of things. I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed all the patching and stitching.

When I sewed all the pieces together it just looked too plain.

So I added a few colourful rows of running stitch.

Which all patched together made yet another cushion cover. I'm really pleased with how this has turned out and will definately be making a few more. I might even make a few for my next market and try them out there. I already have an order for one, which was pretty quick indeed Eldest Bun walked in from school and asked if she can have one for her bedroom.

Despite all this treasure and stitchery I didn't forget to keep an eye on my furry friends. Just in case you were wondering how Olly is getting along - you can see he's settled in very well. Last night he tried to eat most of the ripple blanket I've started on and then collapsed in a heap beside me for a snooze once he'd worked his mischief.

Little Bun is thrilled by all your lovely comments welcoming Olly. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.


  1. Lovely! So much vibrant color is good for my soul, I think. Glad to hear Olly is settling in -- lucky cat that he is.

  2. I do like the look of your cushion Mrs B and I know what you mean about pesky kittens and trying to crochet - mine just wants to eat the wool and pounces on me when I try and hook!!

    Nina xxxx

  3. Your cushion is fab Lisa, love it!!
    Also love that completely gorgeous kitten!! :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Love your are so quick running these things up!
    Your fur ball is going to be a pickle I can see!

    bellaboo :0)

  5. Love all your glass and fabric treasures - what a great haul! I wish I hadn't missed my boot sale now. The cushion is lovely, and the little running stitches really add a nice touch - clever you!

  6. Ah, a lady after my own heart, I am obsessed by all things patchy at the moment. Great finds, well done Lisa! Lots of furry love to Olly.
    Hen x

  7. Your cushion came out so lovely! I would have squeaked to have come across that fabric. In fact I did when I saw the pic. Thanks for showing us!

  8. I do like the way you added the running stitches to the cushion - really makes it! Fabulous fabrics and treasures you found. I especially like the teapot. :-)

  9. Your cushion is beautiful Lisa, gorgeous choice of fabrics. And that kitten!!! Squuuuuueeeeeal! What a sweetie! We have a black long haired cat but he's a old boy now (14). He looked just like your Olly when he was a lad :-)

  10. love the running stitch on the cushion - really lifts it glad Olly is so happy

  11. I love your cushion,Lisa!!
    In fact... I love all the things you find!

  12. Your cushion is gorgeous and I love the detail of the running stitch. You did really well at the boot sale, I love the blue glass bowls and flowery tea cup.
    Ann x

  13. I,m not surprised you daughter wanted one, that cushion is lovely.

  14. Your cushion is simply marvellous, I so much like that fabrics and your handstitches gives them a most beautiful addition. Since a while I am completely in love with that kind of patterned fabric, reminds me a lot of my childhood and I wonder why it took me so long to discover their beauty again. Unfortunately they are very rare here, wish I could visit your country alone for the car boot sales and so.
    Isn´t it always again surprising how little furry friends are at once at home with their new home, they are so adventurous, funny and self-confident. And so lovely.

  15. I was just checking the blogs I normally read and went straight to yours first as I knew it was just after car boot Wednesday and I always want to see what treasures you've found! Lots of lovely colours!

  16. What lovely finds and a fab cushion cover. :) xxx

  17. Iv'e not been around in blogland for a while so didn't know about Olly, he looks cute!
    I love the cushion, you are very clever!

  18. Lovely cushion cover! I love the flower vintage fabric. Enjoy the summer - I do!


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