Monday, 5 July 2010

A Furry Change of Plan

Our plans changed a wee bit this weekend.

One minute I was busily knitting Alfie's collar cover for Pugs in the Park, but in the end it didn't get finished and we didn't get to the park either.

I did make sure I finished Emma's Dingle Dangle brooch though as that needs to be in her safe hands this week along with the Happy Days Bunting. Emma specifed the colours she wanted for her brooch and changed the rosy red bow to a leaf. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out.

Do you want to see what changed our plans. It's something very small, but adorable.

Little Bun has mourned the loss of her best friend Molly ever since she was killed at Easter. Eldest Bun had a friend whose cat had had a litter of kittens so it seemed the right time to bring a new friend home for Little Bun.

We went to visit after school on Friday and she fell in love with this little fella. I had wanted a female, but ho hum a boy stole her heart. As it was late we planned to pick up on Saturday morning, by the time we got home our lovely little girl was feeling sad as she said she would rather be bringing Molly home again. She was a truly amazing cat that Molly and is still very loved.

Not surprisingly this little boy has been called Olly by Little Bun in memory of her ginger friend.

He's taken over Alfie's beanbag bed (which Alfie took over from Little Bun anyway).

He adores Alfie and tries to curl up with him and play. Alfie is the gentlest kindest dog, but there are limits and being hounded by a small full on needy kitten is too much for him.

So Olly has been shown the armchair to give Alfie a break.

By evening he was back for a snuggle again.

Our other cat Pip is not so impressed by all of this, but she'll get used to this furry cutie - we hope.

Now Alfie might not like the attention, but he does think it wonderful that there's more food to be stolen. He waits patiently hoping lots will be left. All bowls are licked clean in this house.


  1. Oh Lisa, Olly is so adorable!!! How sweet that he wants to be Alfie Blue's friend. :)
    Of course he'll never ever replace Molly but Little Bun will have (as we say here)some 'craic' with him. Molly will always be special to her!
    I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures with him. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. I feel for your little one, I lost my cat at the age of 11... I was so upset I didn't get out of bed for a week!! I've just lost 2 more in the last 18 months, it's hard enough when you're an adult let alone a child :(
    Olly is beautiful, I hope he mends a broken heart :)

  3. Olly is so very cute!!! I love cats and have had many over the years. A couple of years ago our 15 year old ginger cat had to be put down, Miss P was devasted... so were we. We have since adopted 2 young cats from the RSPCA. This has helped Miss P move on although Pixie is still missed and remembered.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  4. Oh that is just so sweet!

    What a beautiful bundle of cuteness. A good reason to of had plans changed.

    MBB x

  5. Ooooooooooh what a cute little guy! He is adorable. Alfie must be a real sweetie to be so patient with such a sharp small object! I hope you have lots of fun together (and I look forward to more cute pics - please!)

  6. Awww, so cute, lovely photos, looks like he shall be quite a character. Lovely for Little Bun and how great that Olly is so fond of Alfie Blue! Molly will never be forgotten but Olly will bring new happy times and memories of his own.
    Hen x

  7. Awwwwww, awwwwww and aaaawwwwww!!!

    So cute (blub, blub).....and so furry (sniff, sniff) another little black (boy) kitty cat.

    Nina xxxxx

  8. What a little sweetie pie! xx

  9. Very cute...I haven't had a cat since leaving NZ over 15 years ago. Sadly my hubby doesn't like cats, so it is not likely we will ever have one.

    'Tommy' got run over by a car when I was pregnant and it was devastating so I can image how upset littlest bun must have been when you lost Molly. I'm sure Olly, will win her heart.

  10. Olly is adorable! Of course he will never take the place of Molly who was very special,but he will bring lots of joy and laughter to the Bun household! Your pics are wonderful.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  11. What a cute little kitten, must be wonderful to have such a 'baby' in your home again. But the most I admire your lovely dog to be so very patience and friendly to Olly (it´s so very sweet how Olly snuggles closed beside him to become friends), I fear our dog wouldn´t behave so, too, especially not having such good manners and wait for some left-overs.

  12. Olly is lovely, no wonder Little Miss Bun fell in love at first sight. I came across your blog as one Ultimate Challenger to another just to say "Hello", I am so glad I did, I will be back!
    love Val xx

  13. I can understand that Molly is still, and will always, be much missed. I love and remember all my cats. Olly is very handsome, I am sure that he has already found a very special place in Little Bun's heart and that they will have lots of fun together, and with Alfie Blue.

  14. I love this post !!! I have some goodies for you and I need to arrange to pop round!!! I also want to cuddle Olly :)
    message me - friday is good lunch time for me I think xx

  15. Oh, how sweet he is! Love the name, too. But I must comment on that fantastic bathroom of yours! One of my favorite colors, that specific shade of green. Lovely! Lucky kitten, I'd say.

  16. aaahh how adorable is that kitten - so cute!

  17. Awww what a cute little pussy cat. I hope Olly helps sooth your wee buns heart from losing Molly. (((hugs)))

  18. Awwwwwwwww! No other words required x

  19. Oh little cutie. They are so sweet at this size aren't they? I love that dingle dangle brooch by the way x

  20. I'm sure it won't be the last time a boy steals her heart... blimey, I'm getting old and bitter. Obviously too many late nights spent listening to the relationship woes of a 19 year old! x

  21. Olly! How wonderful! The sweetest things kittens aren't they! Olly is truly scrumptious. Do I recognise some fabric from Donna Flower on one of your cushions by any chance? The blue background with the children playing, retro loveliness! Love Vanessa xxx

  22. Oh what delightful photos of the cutie pets!
    Olly is adorable!


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