Friday, 25 June 2010

Treasure in the Sun

Delphiniums in full bloom, all purpley and blue explosions which I love. With no effort from me they pop up every year, the only problem is they're behind the Buns trampoline so we can't really see them properly unless we go and have a bounce too.

What we can see is all the missing grass covered in rocks and rubble created by these wicked three. Oh - there is also a huge amount of weedage to be removed, maybe one day when I'm bored I'll get round to that job. I love cottage gardens, but gardening gets done as an after thought round here. I'm more of a chop chop hack and leave piles building up here and there kind of gardener.

Now I must show you a few of my treasure finds from Wednesday. It was all of a sudden a tropical Norfolk day and the daft hats were out aswell as a few daft people I was pleased to bump into. A very sociable thing the car boot, even good mornings and how are you from the dealers.

First find was this stinky (reason it's being aired), but pretty plastic cover thingy. I thought my stitching machine might like that to keep the dust out.

Next I found a well behaved thoughtful seagull for Mr Bun.

When I spotted this coffee set by Burleigh I was thrilled the man had been left in charge by his wife as he hadn't a clue about the price. I put the set in my bag quick sharp before she got back and told him he'd undercharged me.

The gorgeous cloth underneath and the mini green cruet set also came back home with me that day.

The strangest thing of all to find on that oh so hot day was yet another box of vintage baubles. All in perfect condition and sparkling away in their glittery finest.

Today Alfie Blue and I are sat by the open doors enjoying the sun and not enjoying the flies buzzing around. I'm busily stitching and finishing for the Vintage Market in Bury St Edmunds tommorow. As usual cutting it fine as Buns to collect from school soon and still so much to do.

If you happen to be that way please stop by Abbey Gardens and say hello as it promises to be a good day. I hope we can hear the Swing Bands from where we are, but then I think I'm near a friend of mine so a spot of chit chat is due too.

Now enjoy this summer sun we seem to be having and if you're not into the football like me, hope you enjoy finding a space on the beach.


  1. AAH a space on the beach! I'd love a holiday but, again it looks like the backyard and maybe a day trip to the seaside!
    Do you fancy popping over to my blog and leaving a comment before midnight on 30th June, to be in with a chance to win somethings in celebration of my 200th blog post?

    Sandie xx

  2. That's just where we'll be this Sunday...the beach!
    Love the china,and your delphiniums are spectacular.Must plant some of those.I like plants that pop up every year.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  3. Your delphiniums are gorgeous! Just think you could keep-fit on the trampoline and admire the flowers at the same time!!
    Have a great day at the Vintage Market tomorrow. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Beautiful pics, but the "Dog days of summer" is by far the best. What a lovable face!

  5. Wow, what amazing boot sale finds I never see any boot sales on during the week around here. Those baubles are wonderful and the coffee set is lovely too. I have often found that men at boot sales don't seem to have a clue what to charge and then get told off by their wives.
    Ann x

  6. go on have a jump on the trampoline, you know you want to :-) oohh those pesky chickens sound like mine :-)

  7. Oh mrs B - how do you FIND such treasure. Really, you find such wonderful things. The baubles! The baubles! Good grief.

    I'm too late for the vintage fair - it was today! Bum.

  8. Your delphiniums are gorgeous! They're my most favourite of all flowers but I've never had any success in growing them, these are so beautiful you lucky thing! My sewing machine has a cover made out of an old carrier bag to keep the dust off, I could do with one like that. Oh dear this is beginning to sound a bit coveting!:) xx

  9. Love the delphiniums they are so pretty & olde worlde... My grandmother had them in her 1939 wedding bouquet. I have never had much luck growing them here north of Sydney.. To close to the ocean I presume.

  10. What lovely treasures you've found, lucky you - I love those stalls where Mr has been left in charge while Mrs goes for a look around. Hee hee! Oh, except when it's my stall!!! Isn't it amazing how lovely the garden looks when things are in flower - those messy patches just disappear, don't they?

  11. Your new coffee set is charming, exactly what I would love to use in the morning. And it´s that certain shade of blue, my favorit colour for a kitchen. Lucky, lucky you!

  12. I have heard rumour that the best boots are in the east.. so another pilgrimage is called for I think!
    It never does any harm to do some early Christmas shopping!

    Michele x


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