Saturday, 5 June 2010

On Cloud No.9

Shelley of Meadowstitch has joined the UK Handmade team as editorial assistant. She asked me if she could add a link to my blog as part of a piece she was writing on her love of all things vintage. I was delighted to be asked, if you want to read it you can find it by clicking here.

This half-term week we've been here and there, keeping two girlies entertained, so not much time for stitching together the ideas buzzing around in my head. I have started working on one of the new brooches that was inspired by Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, but there is a horse we've been asked to ride and then help wash this afternoon and Little Vintage Lover to sell my wares at tomorrow so I think Monday might be a good day to start new stuff.

I've added my Dingle Dangle Flowers and Cheeky Cherries to my workshop for your perusal and will add my new brooches as they come into being.

Little Bun kindly modelled one of my new brooches which was made around pleas for bike rides and swims which I finally gave in to. That's why ideas stay in my head and on scraps of paper. As I type this I have one lovely Bun sat beside me and the other asking this and that. My head is a whirring. Monday I'll miss them, but oh think of the things I might be able to make.

I have something else exciting that is happening with my brooches next week. More of that when it happens. I'm now being tickled so I better go off and tickle back.

See you soon.


  1. I love your brooches, and I can not wait to see your Nanny Mcphee inspired brooch. :) xxx

  2. Aaaah the distractions of half term! It's so lovely to have the little daaaarlings at home, but ...... Anyway, it sounds like this little break in creativity is only serving to fill your mind with more fabulous ideas! I can't wait to see how things develop ;-)

  3. please can we see more broaches, purleeeeeese, pretty please,they are so brilliant! Nanny MacPhee joy! Hope everyone has had a fair share of your time Mrs.Bun!and you get some to yourself later!

    Sarah x

  4. Fab brooches there ! Hopefully you will get some craft time in when they go back to school - it is slightly frustrating being held back from what you really want to do whilst the kiddies are at home isn't it.

  5. I love the "on cloud nine" brooch, very cute! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Oooh! It all sounds very exciting. Great stuff! Hope the fair goes well tommorow.

  7. They are all delightful, but I especially love the cheeky cherries!


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