Friday, 11 June 2010

No Time for Rushing

If I was of the furry kind I'd be chasing my tail right now. There is such a long list of needs to be doing stuff in my head and on scraps of paper that I don't know quite where to start. Solution fiddle about with your blog and lose a bit of time here saying hello. I have an order to make up for a shop, parcels of orders from lovely customers to send off and I won't even look at the messy rooms - no I'll stay here and fiddle for a while.

When I was wee I had a huge love affair with Mabel Lucie Atwell and Enid B. I could sit and look at the pictures in my annuals and books printed on spongy porridge coloured paper for whole afternoons. Then off for a spot of playing before being called for teatime, bath and bed. Time dragged then I remember - how I wanted to be a grown-up. No one told me it would be so busy when you got bigger.

So now I indulge myself by buying old Mabel tins to smile at while I cook tea for my little ones and roadside sweetpeas that I can smell as I rush past to run their bath.

No one told me either that the magic really starts when you can have your childhood all over again with your own children. That you really need to leave all the list of adult jobs behind and just get on with the business of exploring, laughing and just being.

And while you're doing all of this you never know what beautiful things you might find along the way.

We even found Ken waiting for Barbie at the fair. Well I did - the Bun's said "Ken who?"

Righty 'o off I go to find that list and tick off a job or two.

Have a lovely weekend won't you.



  1. Keep enjoying the magic of life, and the joy of time spent on splendid things. Kim :)

  2. Lovely, i can always waste a little time with bloggy friends.
    love lyn

  3. I never realised Ken was out of fashion!! :)
    Have a great weekend Lisa!
    Vivienne x

  4. Wow those are early sweetpeas, and lovely in that vase!

    I know what garden I want too. I'm a bit of a frustrated gardener, especially when I see ones that I want.

    The only way to get what you want is to read A LOT of books and be ruthless with what doesn't work!

    Have a sunny weekend
    Clare x

  5. Very nice post. I do love coming to play in your sandbox, I'll say that.

  6. So very true indeed! We should just spend more time messing about with the kiddies to re-live our childhood :-)

  7. what a gorgeous gorgeous post. i love Mabel Lucie should take a look at my blogshop
    poppy and Daisy, i have some handmade items on there made with MLA fabric. x

  8. I loved Enid B as a child, her books are magical. :) xxx

  9. 能付出愛心就是福;能消除煩惱就是慧。 ..................................................

  10. Oh, I know that feeling so well..."I have so much to do I can't even think straight!" That's usually a signal for me to stop and do nothing for a while...

    I love your photos and the sweet peas in particular are so beautiful!

    Jo x


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