Sunday, 13 June 2010

Footy with a Spot of Pretty

I have a very unhealthy loathing of football and groan as each four year World Cup cycle comes round. This is not easy for Mr Bun who adores the beauty of the game and it's history. He has run the up's and down's of Brightons Seagulls since he was nine. Sadly for him a hell of lot of downs really.

Last weekend I was told all three Buns were throwing off the shackles of pretty and having a World Cup party on Saturday night.

Remember that barkcloth I got last weekend? Well I made it into a couple of new cushions and snuck a bit of new pretty in to keep my football fans comfy.

Is that a flashing England flag lurking behind my pretty cushion?

Eldest Bun had her hands and face painted. Little Bun got all itchy with hers so it had to come off straight away.

I gave in and joined them when the snacks came out. After a munch or two I soon got a bowl full of granny triangles hooked up. Amazing what you can do in 90 minutes.


  1. Oh you're lucky the games are in a decent time zone, we don't fare well here in Australia to watch our Socceroos. Happy times with those pretty cushions, love Posie

  2. Ooh,you are a fast crocheter! Our house is a footy free zone.Went to friends and watched the Grand Prix.
    Loving the cushion!

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. I must admit I do enjoy the World Cup! I love all the fun that surrounds it.
    As poor Northern Ireland didn't make we're cheering England on as they're the only home nation there, (so sorry for that poor goalkeeper).
    Just think Lisa of the pile of crochet you're going to have by the 11th July!! :)
    Vivienne x

  4. ooh that's the wonderful barkcloth I fell in love with a few posts ago, I must say you have definitely done it justice. As for the footie, resignation here I'm afraid - it's the only way to go.

  5. Out of 3 males in the house, there is 1 who is devoted to football and we did have to watch it in our hotel room on Saturday!!

  6. Love the cushion, luckily for me, my dear hubby decided to watch the match on my laptop, while he was on his desk top, so I had the tv to myself, he he. :) xxxx

  7. Haha! My whole attitude about football (American) changed when I learned to knit. Where I used to resent the 3-hr Monday night game, I now see 3 glorious hours of knitting!


  8. Love the new cushions, I do love a drop of barkcloth!

    They do say if you can't beat them join em!

    I managed to crochet my way through the England match on Saturday too.


  9. You're a saint. We've had only one game on in the house so far. I left the Englishman and the American houseguest to it and retreated to the workroom... ! Thankfully there was a draw! t.xx (barkcloth heaven!!)


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