Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Didn't We Have a Loverly Time ....

So many lovely things have happened over the last few days that I'm only just catching up with it all in my head. After the glorious sunshine of Friday we settled in for yet another rainy bank holiday and in true British style got on with it and had a perfect time.

After all the last minute dash stuff we raced up to Holt for our second Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market on Friday night to make the hall our own. Thank goodness for remembering the bunting I helped make at our old school. T and I really really really didn't want to make any and thankfully we were saved at the last minute.

We were thrilled with how the hall looked on the day. Sally of Daisy Boo's Kitchen ran a fabulous cafe which was truly welcoming with her delicious fare.

Setting up I raced around and snapped a few pics and then once the doors were opened I had little time to snap anymore. Teena has a few more of the gorgeous stalls to share with you. It was great to catch up with makers and market visitors alike. We had a fabulous day and are now already planning for our Christmas market. The hall is booked so I guess it's action stations once more.

Sasha's basketful of kittens were only the tip of her glorious collection of toys.

Some cushions I had my eye on from Faded Splendour and more of Tracey's beautiful vintage felt brooches below.

Teena and I were set up at the top of the hall.

By the time Sunday morning came around I was still exhausted. I wondered how the hell I was going to get out of bed and sort out a birthday tea party for my mum. I had some pretty pink plastic from Daniella to get the party in swing.

Little Bun had been planning to make her Pink Lemonade party drink for a while now and it tasted delicious. Eldest Bun decorated with balloons and signs.

Mr Bun contributed with a bourbon biscuit boat of which he was very proud. A pink shrimp took the helm later on.

And my contribution - well I made the table look pretty and I threw together a disastrously flat pink yet pretty scrummy pavlova.

Partied out, but it's still the holidays and it's raining so we must go out and get wet. So on Monday we headed off for a History Fair to a Workhouse Farm museum. The Bun's had a great time driving here and there while we stared in that vacant happy, but tired way you get at the end of a very loverly long weekend.


  1. A bus to 'Three Holes'? Well that's a goer! Great pics of the market Mrs B! That bunting was a lifesaver!! Now, about that flat pavlova... any left for me?!! t.x

  2. What a fab market..Oh I wish we lived in Norfolk...for many reasons.
    A perfect weekend by the sounds of it.Even though you're tired after,it's a nice tired.

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. Nice! That market is just wonnderfull - thank you for the great pictures.

    Have a nice day

  4. The market looks lovely wish I had been there. All the best pavlova's are are like that delice
    Cate x

  5. What a wonderful bank holiday you had. You made the hall look wonderful. :) xxx

  6. Your stall looked really pretty, Lisa! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Wishing I was a little nearer to such a wonderful market!

  8. Gosh it all looks so jlooy and welcominh how lovely! So glad the weekend was bONZA Mrs. Bun :D

    Sarah x

  9. I want want want that hall full of lovely things and that pavalova - scrummy!

  10. The market looked amazing, I wished I lived nearer. I love all your pastel colours.
    Ann x

  11. Lovely to relive the Market through your pictures. I still haven't blogged about it, but I will! It was such a great day!


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