Monday, 28 June 2010

Bobo Bun in the Sun

The Armed Forces Day Vintage Market on Saturday was in the most beautiful setting. We were in the gardens of the Abbey in Bury St Edmunds. There were tons of trees around, but none gave me any shade. After seven hours of sitting in the full on sun my head had gone to mush and I don't think I made much sense. At one point I was sitting very still, miles away and when I moved the lady at my stall screeched. She'd thought I was a mannequin - probably part of Emmie's clothes stall next to me. Now is it good to be thought of as a mannequin or not, I'm not really sure?

Before the day really got going I did a quick whizz round and found a fabulous pair of curtains. The material is stunning, too good to cut up really, but where will I hang them? Their fate is still being decided.

I kept thinking about this set all day too. Do I need it? Big No I didn't. Did I want it. Mmmm yes. I gave in and home it came.

Home just in time to catch the end of Dr Who and snuggle with my lovelies.

No rest for the naughty shopper as first thing Sunday morning I was dragging the paddling pool out of the log store for a scrub down. It was worth it when we dipped our toes in, before heading off to the grandparents for lunch and a game of tennis in the garden.

Isn't summer just perfect. Hope you all had a loverly weekend too.


  1. Oh how I wish I could have seen the look on that ladys face! That has made me laugh! x

  2. Oh, and gorgeous curtains by the way! x

  3. Just love the pink cup and saucer!
    I'm sure mum had some curtains like that in the bathroom or her bedroom.
    Would love to have seen the woman jump when you moved, he he!

    Sandie xx

  4. Fabulous curtains, hope you do find somewhere to hang them.
    hen x

  5. Need doesn't come into it when we see something we love does it!
    Love those curtains..the colours are so vibrant.
    Funny story of the lady thinking you were a mannequin!

    A very hot Bellaboo ;0)

  6. Yes Lisa 'summer is just perfect', I was thinking the very same thing yesterday while sitting in my garden having lunch. It's so good to feel the sun! Mind you we've got a bit of drizzle here today which I'm not too happy about!
    Mannequin? Not sure how I'd feel about that one myself!! lol
    Vivienne x

  7. Lol, oh, that did make me laugh when you said the lady thought you were a mannequin. :)
    I am in love with those curtains, they are fab, very 1950s. :) xxx

  8. Love the curtains! They remind me of some my Mother had long ago. Very sweet!

  9. lol love fact that someone thought you were a mannequin - just think that must mean you have the perfect figure as mannequins are based on a perfect figure :-) Bury St Edmunds park is gorgeous isn't it, shame you didn't get any shade though.

  10. Must have been boiling in the Gardens on Saturday - poor you with no shade :(

    Love the curtains :)

  11. This curtains are marvellous, love the bright yellow, red and blue, hope you will find a window where you could enjoy them every day. So cheery and happy.
    I had to laugh about your mannequin-story, must have been a shock for both of you, for her your moving, for you her screaming. Life really often has the best stories.
    Have a lovely and sunny week with a bit more shade to spend the days,

  12. What divine curtains!I don't think you should cut them up-I'm sure you'll find a place for them sometime.Perhaps in one of the girls' rooms?Or just draped over something...

  13. Fantastic, fantastic curtains! I'd swap you tons of egg cups for those beauties!!

    The weather has been wonderful hasn't it. An English summer, perfect. Glad you had such a lovely weekend.

  14. Fabulous curtains - just brilliant! Although part of me thinks it would be a shame to cut them up; the other part of me thinks it would be a shame not to make the most of the fabric and make lots of gorgeousness with them!
    How could anyone have thought you were a mannequin??? You're no dummy ;-)

  15. I love all those colours! Lovely lovely pics :) xx


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