Thursday, 17 June 2010


Thank you so much for your lovely and supportive comments on my last post. It's great to get the backing of a group of people who absolutely get the whole handcrafted thing. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging so much is being part of this community of thrify, crafty, treasure seekers.

I raced up and down the pitches at the car boot this week as I had so many other places I had to be at the same time. Luckily my spotting treasure radar was firmly in place. Everyone here loves the elderly terrier I brought home.

He's a bit bashed and chipped, but that just adds to his appeal.

I found a few more Enid's for the Buns and yet more Greydawn jugs, but best of best of all was hidden in this old worn box.

Which was filled with beautiful handpainted vintage baubles, a couple of plain silver ones and two which I've not seen before.

Close up - aren't they just beautiful?

These are the ones I've not seen before. Small glass bauble flowers with tinsly petals.

In between a day of treasure gathering and then a very busy day at work this feature came out in our local press. It was a fashion shoot using the work of local designers, from bags, dresses to my brooches. I rushed off to the newsagents when I left work to see which brooches had been used in the shoot.

I love my Cheeky Cherries on this floral tea dress.

Three of my Jolly Big Flowers have been pinned to the front of this dress and look stunning. I'm really pleased with how they look and what Emma the journalist has written about Bobo Bun.

It's been a great week and now it's time to start my weekend. Friday is my fabulously long day of making for Bobo Bun as the Buns have drama club after school so no rushing off at 3pm. Lots of plans for today, will they actually happen I wonder?

Have a good time this weekend sun or no sun and see you next week.


  1. Oh My Goodness - those baubles in that old box look exactly the same as the ones I boxed up and sent to charity after my mum passed away 11years ago.
    What with seeing those and that little Noddy car, they've brought back very fond memories for me.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Those baubles are gorgeous! Let's hope I find some at the booty this week! Your brooches are very pretty too. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. We had similar baubles at home,but most got broken over the years.What an exciting find!

    Happy weekend!

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Love the baubles! I think they are from the 1950's. My Mum gave me some of hers for my house - They don't make them like that anymore! SueXXX

  5. Wow, what a fantastic photo shoot and hearty congratulations on getting right in there - huge exposure. You and your family must so proud and excited - has the squealing stopped yet?

    Have a lovely weekend, I have a feeling you will .. x

  6. Oh my they are soooo gorgeous - the baubles of course and everything else Mrs Bun. Can I borrow your treasure seeking radar somethime?

    And many congrats on the broochy fashion shoot - I dunno, in the press 'again!'

    take care and much love,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxx

  7. You're hitting the big time! Congratulations.

  8. Do you know we had baubles like that on our Christmas tree when I was a child!
    How exciting to see your makes in print, congratulations!!
    Have a lovely weekend and watch out for plastic lobsters! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Well there is no stopping you now! Congratulations on your Brooch being famous. Very nice! Hugs, Diane

  10. Ooooh I have bauble envy, they take me back to my childhood when we lived with my Nanny Dot. Our white (!) tinsel tree was covered in those baubles. I hate to think that they got thrown away, but I'm certain they would have been chucked. My Nanny would have washed them first though, she had OCD and washed everything washable before putting it in the bin!

    Thank you so much for your warm and encouraging comment. I'm so excited about it. I feel like now I have a couple of comments from my blog idols and a few more post in the bag that I'm really on my way. I do tend worry about failing sometimes that I don't try. But I so want to be part of this fabulous crafting blog world. I'm feeling skippy giddy. Thank you so much, I'm bursting at the seams to blog blog and more blog!

    I'm delighted for you to have been featured so beautifully by the stylist and journalist in that article. Your work is stunning, it should be seen by all. xxx

  11. Gorgeous retro christmas decorations there, my parents have some of them somewhere I think. How fab to be featured in a mag, I bet you were well chuffed! Well done!

  12. those baubles are just fantastic - clever you!

  13. Oooh how exciting to see your creatins in print. I've been wearing my cherries with pride these past couple of days and have had lots of lovely comments. Thanks again Lisa.

    What a find those baubles are - I'm rather envious. And what a sweet terrier.
    Have a smashing weekend.

  14. Wow! Sounds like things are really taking off for you - how exciting! Well done on all your hard work. Just wanted to say the cherry brooch has arrived and I love it! Many thanks! I haven't been car booting for a few weeks now as I've been too busy but seeing your treasures has made me want to go again soon!

  15. What a fantastic comment... many a little makes a mickle, what does it mean?
    Well done you, you'll be signing autographs down the post office soon! x

  16. oh those baubles are lovely, i've got a few but im always on the look out for more! Congratulations for all the press you are getting at the moment, I really hope people who are not aware of your work read it and become fans like us bloggers! (does that read dodgy like us bloggers, cant help thinking of a naughty word instead!) fliss xx

  17. What pretty baubles Mrs Bun, I bet you were thrilled to find them?!!

    My cheeky cherries brooch is sooo gorgeous, I adore it, and I have worn it loads already and have had many compliments.


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