Wednesday, 30 June 2010

All sorts of doo dah

I was slowly leafing through box after box of postcards at the boot this morning when a lady came up and offered £80 for the lot. The stallholder and the lady haggled for a bit and then settled on £100. I carried on pulling out what I wanted. Then they remembered I was there which was a bit of a problem for their deal. The stallholder didn't know what to do, so I told them they would have to wait as I there first and I hadn't finished looking. Glad I kept them hanging on as I picked out some real beauties.

A few stalls on and I found this pair smooching away.

A bit more of a wander and a friend of mine spotted these glittery baubles for me. There are beautiful reds and hot pinks in the box too. That makes it three weeks of vintage christmas do dahs.

I had to have this badge just because. Hope nobody gets too bossy around here.

I also brought home a bit of Carltonware and some more china to fill those shelves when I set up shop again.

Lovely Emma of Silver Pebble recently asked me to make her some Happy Days Bunting. She needs it to decorate her summer house as part of the Artists Open Studio's. Well all fifteen triangles have just been hooked and joined together, just need to sew in those ends.

Emma also commissioned me to make her a Dingle Dangle brooch, but one with a wee difference with a leaf or two entwined at the top. So I'm searching out just the right leaf at the moment. I'll show you when all is done and dusted.

Now going forward a day or two - do you want to see what we'll be doing on Sunday?

We'll be at Pugs in the Park. The first ever in Norwich as far as I know. Alfie Blue needs a bit of a polish and I'm hoping to find time to knit him a smart Hells Angels collar cover. Hope there are lots of other daft owners there too.


  1. Well done you for sticking it out at the card stall - I bet that lady was getting quite anxious! I love your smooching birdies but what I have totally fallen for is the curtain fabric from the previous post - stunning!

    Kate x

  2. oh you hard nosed dealer you! well done! lovely cards. Love the birdies - I've sold one before and I remember who loved it so watch out! Yours might fly to a new home when you're not looking! t.x

  3. Good for you, standing your ground...dealers I dunno!!

    Can't wait to see Mr Alfie all spick and span.

    take care,

    Nina xxxxxxxxx

  4. You've got nerve keeping at those postcards. I probably would have walked away in a huff. Well done!

  5. Lovely vintage cards...well worth "fighting for"...
    Sort of speak!Lol
    I love your bunting! Such pretty colors!


  6. Well good for you Lisa, standing your ground and picking your cards!!
    Looking forward to seeing Alfie Blue as a Hells Angel. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Not more's not fair!!

  8. I love the seaside cards - well done for sticking to your guns :)

    Am sure Alfie-Blue will have a great time on Sunday - look forward to lots of pugs pics.

  9. Love it... how assertive are you!
    Gorgeous cards too, x

  10. Good on you for not walking away from the postcards. Love those xmas baubles, they're just beautiful.

  11. Well good for you! You've picked out some lovely postcards.Mr Alfie's going to look very smart indeed.

    Bellaboo :0)

  12. Oooh good for you for making them wait; lovely postcards.

    Hope you and Alfie have fun on Sunday. Sounds fab!

  13. I diappeared din't I. It was time for a fever amongst the tots - sorry. My eyes are popping out at your handiwork Mrs. Truly. Mine will be the best decorated fanciedupshed ever. Thankyou!

    Lovely postcards too. Good on you for sticking to your guns.

  14. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.................................................................

  15. I love the smooching love bird clock... Very special!

  16. Golly, I can't believe the haggling going on in your neck of the woods. well done for keeping them waiting x


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