Friday, 14 May 2010

Whizz Through the Week

After losing my crafty, stitchy way I gave in and picked up the cold that Little Bun and her daddy have had. I've felt pretty yuk all week, but I've managed lunch and cakes with friends around the odd bit of going to work. What a trooper.

Now on my first free and feeling good day my plans have been hijacked by motherhood guilt. Little Bun told me ever so sweetly - I know you don't work on Friday mummy, so I've told Mrs S that you can walk with us to church for our RE lesson. Bum. I don't want to go, the sun's shining and I want to stitch and play with the ideas in my head. But of course I say I'll go. She won't be eight forever and want her mummy to come along will she. Now that's why I'm hopeless at getting stuff done as I hate letting them down.

Now on to Wednesday's treasure hunt at the CBoot. I found lots of fabulous blue glass stuff and china, but my favourite of all is this wee clothes airer and a very smelly, but pretty pillowslip.

I've told you about the ducks who've moved in. Well they're getting pretty pushy these days. Each time they see movement they're at the door eyeballing us for more food. Even Pip our cat lies asleep by them now as they're just part of the furniture.

This was today's plan, pre-churchy stuff. I have a vague idea of patching it all together and embroidering something over the top. No real direction yet, I just wanted to fiddle and put the loose ideas in my head into action. Now I think I'll be waiting until Monday as there's an exhibition we want to go and see tomorrow.

The other thing that I've been caught up with this week is this book. Another friend was reading it and raved about it so I grabbed it from the library. In short it's about an amazing woman who in her 60's moved her mediaeval hall house from Hertfordshire to Wells in Norfolk rather than have the council knock it down to build a road. When she died 23 years later she left it to her nephew and his wife to complete. Bet they were thrilled.

I've only just started reading, but from the synopsis I know it's about an amazing and eccentric woman who lived by her own beliefs.

Moving on to other stuff done this week. I ran up a new tights bag for Little Bun as hers had fallen to bits.

Then in the evenings I've fiddled about with different hooky shapes as I've a mind to have a garland of them hanging here and there.

Right better get ready for the church visit, then later on after drama club, we've a visit to my parents. Today is what they call My Special Day as they officially adopted the little 5 months old me on 14 May 1969. Hopefully there'll be cake and maybe fizz. Who knows.

Have a great weekend. It looks like the weather is going to behave at last.


  1. Enjoy yourself at your parents today :-) I fully understand the guilt thing - so far this week has consisted of taking children to two cricket matches, tag rugby trial, dancing and tonight Scouts, just managed to fit in 1/2 hour of spinning and had to take R with me to that as well, so little time for crafting - note to self : Must do better next week!!! Linda x

  2. Enjoy your very special day Lisa.

    I often get asked to do the church walk thing and it's always a day I have to be in the office. Luckily my boss is very kind so I slip into the office a bit late but it does make things all a bit fraught!

    Love the pillowcase and the look of that lovely patchwork. Look forward to seeing how the final product.

    have a smashing weekend.
    love Stephx

  3. I love your blog. Not just me then with the manic depressive craftyness? Happy special day and heres to more time to craft.

  4. Hope you get some cake and fizz.

    Have fun at the church.

    Nina xxx

  5. Hey ! Hope you are OK? I will be at Ipswich this sunday for the vintage fair. Are you popping along? Love emmie x

  6. what a lovely idea to celebrate - enjoy

  7. Due to our situation we may choose to adopt and your special day is a such a lovely idea!
    I read about the lady in your book in an article for the daily mail a while back. I was very interested and will look out for that book! x

  8. It's an amazing story isn't it about the lady and her house! Can hardly imagine it.

    Hope you have a lovely special day. How nice that you still celebrate it.

  9. What a lovely celebration 'Your Special Day'! That's like having 2 birthdays then I expect? I like your fabrics, they're going to gorgeous all stitched together and embroidery too! Enjoy the walk to church, you'll look back at it fondly one day - I do! ;o) xx

  10. That was a feast for the eyes and I really enjoyed reading about your doings (except the cold, bad luck), even if they weren't quite what they planned! I hope the church visit was good - your daugher will have been pleased, anyway! And enjoy the celebrations for your special day - just a month before I was born!

    Isn't is amazing to think back to our parents doing all these things for us back in the '60s and '70s? And now we're doing it for our children...

  11. cant wait to see what you will be making, I am looking for some get up nad go, mine has just gone, gone, gone

  12. Make the most of being wanted on school trips - now mine are 12 & 14 I am excluded from those :(

    Hope you've enjoyed your special day with your family :)

  13. Hope you enjoyed your special day -that's so nice. Will you be in Ipswich this Sunday? Maybe see you then. Like the cheeky ducks!

  14. Enjoy your special day. :)
    The patchwork is lovely. :) xxx

  15. I hope you had a great time celebrating the day that your parents adopted you. A very special moment that must have been.

    Children have the knack of volunteering you for things just when you thought you had a bit of quiet time to yourself...The one I never say yes to is accompanying the class on a school trip for the day. The thought of a being around a coach full of noisy children is just not for me, I could never be a teacher! I like a quiet environment...;-)

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  16. I hope it was a wonderful special day - like an extra birthday, but without getting older - perfect xxxx

  17. Thank you so much for mentioning this book. I am from Germany and happy whenever I hear about an interesting story to read. I have just ordered a copy and know I will be reading right through the next nights! Greetings


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