Thursday, 27 May 2010

Treasure, Horses and Stitch Stitch

Wednesday is Treasure hunt day and today I had two extra hunters to keep me company.

They found a baby fish to keep Ugly fish company.

A bunny meant for Grandma, but we've asked if Eldest Bun would mind if we kept it.

This pile of floral plates is divine. Six all different and gorgeous sitting on one of my top finds of the day an icecream stripe blankie.

Who could resist chicks and cavorting elephants?

More pillowslips to pretty up with hooky edges and a sweet rhyming hankie.

These bowls have made me very very happy. If I find some in red and turquoise too I'll be ecstatic. I've been on the hunt for these American heatproof bowls for a while now. Today was the day they turned up along with a zesty oven glove.

Now my Little hunters have treasure of their own to show. A bird for Grandma, china for their collection shelves and a weekend puzzle.

In between treasure seeking and stitchery, we went riding. I took the Buns, but Little Bun said her tummy hurt and didn't want to ride. As I had to pay anyway as it was too late for a cancellation, I asked if they had a horse for me instead. I've not ridden for a few years now and I was in baggy jeans, baseball boots and all you see in the picture below. Not the most comfy outfit to ride in, but boy did I enjoy it. I chose to go in with Eldest Bun and act as lead horse or she would have been on her own. A lovely surprise in the middle of the day.

Back home it was time to get finishing for this weekends Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. I've only got Friday left now as work tomorrow. Still sewing, labelling, packing and then setting up the hall on Friday night, before I can relax.

These Swingin' Cherries are something new I fiddled about with the other evening. I always seem to go off on a tangent when I'm supposed to be finishing other stuff. I had a friend of mine who likes cheery brooches in mind when I made this.

Pincushions waiting for a stuffing.

A vintage towel curtain, bought a while back, has been chopped and is now four in all its Pom Pom glory.

Another vintage curtain has been turned into teacloths and given a hooked splendour finish.

A factory line of Bits and Bobs Purses and florally brooches has also rolled off my fingers. I wish I wasn't such a last minute rush rush person, but hey ho, I am.

Before I pop off - thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments on my last post. I found them all interesting reading. I'll write a letter in the near future. I have no expectations and feel strangely disassociated from the whole thing. It's as if I'm talking about someone elses life, but I have to remember it affects more lives than just mine.

Have a great bank holiday won't you. Lets hope the weather's better than the last one.


  1. Lovely treasures Lisa...have a wonderful bank holiday,hope the sun shines for you!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. What glorious treasures. I love your vintage curtains/towels, they are so very lovely. xxx

  3. lovely treasures Lisa, thanks for your comment, ive been meaning to email you and tell you but I felt so yucky I didnt even crochet!!!! take care, fliss xxx

  4. Loved all your treasures, and the vintage towels. xxx

  5. I used to love taking my little ones to cs they were so easily pleased, we now have a great collection of old transformers :)
    pop over and see what i found the day
    hope you all have a lovely weekend
    Cate x

  6. Your crafts are all lovely Lisa, best wishes for the Market at the weekend. :)
    I just love the little bunny!
    Vivienne x

  7. Hi, you found some lovely treasures this weekend! I love what you have done to the blue flowery toweling, what a great idea,Fab. I can feel some tassels comming on !!bestest wishes,Linda.

  8. What a tremendous haul - I love it all, especially you rgirls little china dogs, the very cheery towelling (doesn't that red booble trim look perfect against the blue) and the new tea towels you've made and well, the blanket is just perfect.

    Love the new cherry brooches Lisa, they remind me so much of your lovey miseltoe brooches which I am already looking forward to wearing again. Please say you're going to have them for sale in your shop - you have a customer here waiting to buy one!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Beautiful finds - as always. I adore the tea towel with the bobbles. Really enjoy your blog - so very inspiring. I am your newest follower - hoorah!!

  10. I love that cherry brooch. I went into Tesco yesterday and they had the most gorgeous range of cherry and strawberry note books. I didn't buy one and i'm regretting it. So i'm going back later to grab a few! x

  11. Brilliantly successful treasure hunt Lisa, love your finds!

    Your new cherry brooches are beautiful I would love to have one, are you selling them? Do put them in your shop ;-)

  12. At first glance I thought you had found a treasure horse, which got me very excited as I thought maybe that was like Trojan Horse but with treasure....hmm, need more sleep. Anyway all the treaures are really lovely especially the new upcycled tea towel with pom poms, LOVE IT!

    Sarah x

  13. Love the cherry brooch. I recently lost my cherry brooch so am on the lookout for a new one. Hopefully you'll be at Woodbridge soon with them! Hope the market went well.

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