Saturday, 8 May 2010

Too cold for stitchery

Winter is back in England big time and we don't like it. at all In our cottage we're sitting as close to the woodburner as we can. We've run out of heating oil you see. In mid May it shouldn't be a problem, but when it's endlessly raining and freezing it is and I hate being cold. All the sewing I planned hasn't happened because my sewing machine is in the really cold part of the house and to be honest I don't have the mind for it at the moment.

So no new stitchery to show you as yet, it's still in my head. Instead I'm by the fire knitting and hooking handfuls of flowers.

For the rest, the week's gone by in a blur and all I can remember are these new treasures I brought home.

I found another delightful Johnsons jug which was filthy black when I found it at the bottom of a box. Now it sits and shines beside all the other jugs in the dresser.

How could I not resist this Susie Cooper cup. It doesn't matter it's lost it's saucer because it's beautiful to me.

Blue I can't resist and this shiny blue glass flower bowl wasn't to be resisted, so that came home too.

I also picked up a bashed and battered card table that needs a spot of glue, a lick of paint and a recovering. I think that will have to wait for the sun to come back and visit us all before it gets the treatment.

I think we all need the sun to give us a treatment too. Fingers crossed don't you think?


  1. Oh no- on the oil as well as the cold front! We did, I have to say, have a gloriously hot and sunny day in May today! But all work in progress was culinary...

  2. That jug is the cutest. Always been a big fan of Johnson Bros.

    Keep those crossed fingers warm ;)

  3. That blue bowl is gorgeous, well done for finding that. I had my eye on a vase in a local charity shop and went to buy it last Saturday but was told it was part of the window display and i couldn't have it! I had to wait a week. So off i went yesterday, back to buy it and thankfully it was still there. It reminded me of one my grandmother had, the reason for needing it! x

  4. Oh I do love your new treasures Lisa, especially the Johnson's jug. What a beautiful shape and colour. I found a Woods beryl teapot yesterday for £3 and I'm rather chuffed with it.

    Yesterday was chilly and damp here too, rather unpleasant indeed and we spent all day inside, although we don't have a lovely woodburner to snuggle up to, gosh I'm envious! The good news is that today is glorious; blue sky and fluffy clouds and just a light breeze. Not too warm but hopefully things are back on track. Hope Norfolk is cheerier today.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

  5. Awful weather here yesterday !!
    Cold and wet. The sun is shining again today ,phew :0)
    Love your pretty finds .
    Jacquie x

  6. I persuade Mr Boo to put the heating on's so cold!
    Love your pretty jug...being a 'jugaholic' myself!Love the soft blue colour and the shape.Lets hope the weather warms soon.

    Bellaboo :0)

  7. Oh I agreee about that Susie Cooper cup - definitely a treasure even without its saucer. I found one recently with a snake's head fritillary on it! No saucer with that one either but it had to come hoe with me.

  8. It's the same in Denmark bbblllllllllllllllll - so cold.. I'm sitting here typing with my big sweater on... in may...
    But lovely cup! I have a few in same style on my wishlist :)

  9. We braved 2 local bootsales this morning - hardly any stalls & no bargains :( Hopefully when the weather warms up, the bargains appear too.

  10. I love your blue finds, the blue jug is so simply elegant and the cup is devine, the bowl I could look at for ages. I also like the little cat besides the Johnson jug!
    We had a lousy days' weather here yesterday too! I put the heating back on, though with storage heaters, it takes time to warm up. I keep seeing these ads for LPGas where you can have bothe electric ity and gas and even eventually sell electricity back to the suppliers! Dreaming....

    Sandie xx

  11. That's the first Susie Cooper I've seen on a blog!
    My mum and I used to go searching for Susie whenever we went to fleamarkets etc.
    Mum collected different many as she could! Then she collected so much and was just storing it in she ended up selling it all!
    I have a bone china 'Iris' coffee set ,which she passed on to me and a couple of other pieces...which I ought to get out and blog, as one of these pieces is an old lustre jug,which Susie C designed when she was at Grays Pottery!!
    There are some beautiful designs and I do far prefer Susie's to those of Clarice !

  12. It really is time that summer arrived - we have a fire today too!


  13. I am soooooo fed up with being cold. The heating is on 'again' and a bottle of red cracked open to try and keep the chills away.

    Enjoy the rst of your weekend,

    Nina xxx

  14. i love your new blue wares what a delight! ;0)
    yes i totally agree here in Devon its freezing and luckily i woke this morning to bright glorious sun shine hopefully it will last and warm up!! hehe ;0) i think mother nature is all abit confuzzled at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely post x

  15. Yes I've been waiting for a nice dry day so I can go outside and sand a table reading for painting. I lOve that blue jug! The colour just sings doesn't it? Beautiful pictures. :o) x

  16. Hi Lisa just found your blog thought I would say hi
    Isn't it great finding lovely things
    Cate x

  17. Gorgeous finds! It has been sunny on and off today, but still chilly!
    Rachel x

  18. Sorry to hear about your chilly weather. It makes me feel a wee bit guilty when we are enjoying blissful sunshine. One thing is for certain though. The sun will come out. Eventually.

    Love your blog.

  19. Not sure where you are, but here in Kent it is freezing today. The wind can almost cut you in two! Even when the sky is blue, as it was yesterday, it is still absolutely freezing. What is going on I wonder? Mind you what better way to spend the day than curled up in front of the woodburner with piles of wooly goodness...sheer bliss!


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