Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Thing or Two we Did

First things first - hello to the new followers I've had of late. Thanks for stopping by and if you've said hello too, then please forgive me if I've not got back to say hello too as yet. It's amazing discovering just how many blogs there are out there all brimming with creativity.

Well summers finally here and on Friday the sun still shone, for us all. Mr Bun came home with stocks and pink fizz and we all felt thrilled it was the weekend at last.

Horse riding on Saturday morning for two Buns and then back at home a bit of time to sneak off up the garden to do a bit of hooky this and that.

I settle down and look one way to chicken world hidden under the boughs of our apple tree.

Then to the poor neglected veg garden which has become a bit of a dump for stuff. I daydream about rows of neat veg and canes of runner beans, but first I need to get on with making selling things.

I'd already stitched a couple of teacloths from a vintage kitchen curtain and they looked so plain without that little bit extra. So a hooked edge was what was needed.

Alfie Blue found me up there and kept watch while I blanket stitched my first row so I had something to work into.

First up was eggy yellow picots. Later on hot radish red picots were added to the other cloth. I'll show you that one another day.

Alfie got bored in the end and had to go and see what on earth the ladies were doing in the middle of the bonfire. Dead perhaps to a dogs mind. It's the ladies beauty ritual time of the day. A dousing of ash and they feel as beautiful as can be.

Now I need to wander off as a spot of Pixie rabbit hugging is needed and Dotty the G.Pig gets pulled out of hiding too for a cuddle. Needs a bit of supervision in case of escapes.

By now it's sweltering and just a perfect summers day. I peg a tent up for the Buns to hide in and make their leaf potions. Later we hose the cars down and get wetter and dirtier than them.

Later on we snuggle up for the final of Over the Rainbow. Yes a small girlies dream programme and ours too it turns out. We boo when Eddie the Pug doesn't get picked to be Toto. Alfie can't cope with the excitement and goes to sleep.

Sunday and the weather was just as glorious. I was headed off up to North Norfolk to meet Teena. It's less than a week before our second market and we had roads signs and a banner to sort out. This week we had a mention in the listings in Selvedge no less. We're very very excited about that one.

It was all such hard hard work that we somehow ended up here for a rest. Wiveton Cafe in the middle of a fruit farm with the sea just behind.

One of the views inside from the comfort of our table. Aren't the colours exactly the perfect shades.

All the outdoors tables and chairs are painted in perfect shades of blue and green too. On each table is a little chalk board saying who has booked each table. A Lady Buxton was apparently due to arrive at this one any time soon. I only gave my first name and chose to go incognito today.

Isn't this fantastic. Just on the wall above our zesty lime table to be admired the whole lunch through.

Before we leave, a look left to the fields and sea beyond. Definately need to come back here and explore the cakes and walks more.

Now after all that hard work I was off to meet my lovelies at my parents for afternoon tea. A perfect chocolate cake, fat strawberries and Sangria lounging in the garden where I spent my childhood.

These bluebells are just by the top lawn and kept getting splatted by the ball as we played a final game of Piggy in the Middle before hometime and going over what a wonderful weekend we've had.

Hope your weekend was just as sunny and all you wanted it to be.


  1. I love this whole post-you jammed it packed with inspiration. What lucky animal friends you have. And that cafe? Oh my. I'm now over the rainbow. Thanks!

  2. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing so many delicious things. Kim :)

  3. Good luck with the fair :)

    We've loved OTR here - happy with Danielle as the winner and Dave too. Though we did love Eddie & I thought of AlfieBlue each time he was on the screen.

    That fruit farm / cafe looks gorgeous - might have to visit if we are up that way this summer.

  4. What a wonderful post full of lovely things to see and 'oooh' over!
    I would have loved to be in Norfolk this weekend..walking on Holkham beach...but we did have a nice day at our local beach,although the tide was up so we had to make do with walking along the grassy path.

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. What a perfect weekend. :) I love the make shift tent that you made, it is charming. How do you attatch your edging to your tea towels? I have always wondered this, do you simply hand sew them on? It looks so neat and evenly spaced. :) xxx

  6. So glad someone else has a neglected veg garden don't feel so bad now :)
    Do you know of any vintage type fairs in Essex ?
    Looks like you had a lovely weekend
    Cate x

  7. great post - thanks for sharing

  8. Your hooky edging brings it to life beautifully! I love the pictures of the colourful furniture, the more colour the better I say! We watched Over the Rainbow too and I must admit I had tears in my eyes when they announced the winner. Oh dear! ;o) x

  9. We are viswiting North Norfolk for the first time over half term and someone suggested we visit Wiveton Farm - having seen your wonderful pictures it's somewhere we must visit!
    We watched Over the Rainbow too, my 6 year old son loves it, and cheered like mad as the winner lives near us.

  10. It sounds like a perfect weekend, I love your tea towels, the colour of the edging is so pretty.
    Ann x

  11. Hey! lovely stocks- my fav smell and flower. I am looking at my pretty pink ones now. I hope saturday goes well for you and hope to see you soon- are you doing woodbridge? x

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