Saturday, 1 May 2010

Merry May

Alfie Blue has fallen in love with this chair. He only sleeps on it when we're out as he knows I won't let him on it. So I come back and find grit, stinkiness and stains all over my lovely patchy throw. I love him, but he is a dog after all and his hygiene isn't great.

This morning I took my poor patchy throw off for washing and mending. Underneath is a dull caramelly cover which needs hiding. I searched about for a large bit of fabric and then found this large sherbety striped sheet. I love it and think it'll stay there a bit longer than it takes me to wash and mend the patchy throw.

Well it'll stay as long as stinkiness and stains stay off it. Let's be realistic.

Around all the bits and bobs I plan to do today, I think a moment spent in my chair whipping up a few colour whirls is in order. A chocolate cake is also planned, so a few hooky blobs and then sweet treats - not a bad start to a long weekend I think.

These are very very addictive by the way. Each time I finish one, I can't help but start another to see how the colour combination will work this time. Then it all changes again when I whip the white around the edge. The shape changes from a circular blob of colour to an exploding star. I wonder if I'll stay for the long haul this time and make it to a blanket, I've definately got the stash for it. This is all part of the master plan to make Eldest Bun's bedroom a bit more grown-up. White walls and bright colour are needed at nearly ten. Pink and glitter has had it's day.

I was asked in my last post what yarn I'm using for my colour blobs. Well it's Rowan DK Cotton. Some are shades that are discontinued and some are new. You can work really quickly with Rowan and Debbie Bliss cotton as neither of them split as you work your hook through, they're definately my favourite.

Have a great May Bank Holiday won't you. We're off in search off Maypole dancers tomorrow.


  1. That chair looks very comfy. I think i could easily snuggle up on it for a few hours with a hook and some wool! Have a lovely weekend.x

  2. Colour blobs and chocolate cake sounds very, very good at the moment. I've lef the girls wathcing Cinderella (again) and the boys have gone to see IronMan2 so I'm left all alone for at least an hour.....mmmmmmm chocolate cake is definitely a very good idea - and maybe a nap!!

    Have a great bank hol weekend too....hope you find those pole dancers!!

    Nina xxxxxx

  3. i have the stripey sheets they came from my child hood past down ;0)
    looks great on the chair!!x
    love the crocheted squares- will make a beautiful blanket.
    my mums a morris dancer and they were up at the crack of dawn dancing and singing!!!hehe ;0)
    enjoy the may poles ;0)xx

    think im off to make Sophie Dahls victoria sponge with raspberries and orange zest butter icing -yum!

    lovely blog as always x

    x kazzy x

  4. Stick at the crochet, it would make a lovely blanket!
    Vivienne x

  5. I, too, had sherbert striped sheets on my bed as a child.
    Dogs can be so sneaky, can't they!

  6. Maybe I should my new crochet project with crocheted squares like yours. Lovely! I love your blog. I will be back, soon. Very soon.

  7. Oh,I do LOVE your crochet...I've got a long way to go before mine looks as gorgeous as yours!
    I've just put a clean throw on the sofa,as the cushions were looking very grubby from 'you know who's' paws! She's now banned from sitting up there.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  8. Fab looking chair, ohhh isn't it annoying when the pet dog covers a lovely chair in hair - mine are always covering everything in hair! Maypole dancers - haven't seen them in years - we used to do that on May Day when I was a primary school but they don't seem to do it now :-(

  9. I had a sheet like that when I was a child! Oh, I'd forgotten all about it, but seeing it again reminds me of all the time I would wile away trying to decide which color I liked best. Lovely.

  10. He truly does cut my hair!! He doesn't like anyone to know but he's actually very good, now if I could just get him to wear very, VERY tight leather pants and a chest wig I could rent him out...

  11. I love those sugared almond colours! Hope you found the maypole dancers and had a lovely weekend!
    love Penny x

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