Monday, 3 May 2010

It's all about the Hook

No Maypole dancers this weekend, far too cold and rainy. So we snuggled inside and ate chocolate eclairs instead. As my crochet love is at full tilt at the moment I made sure I found a bit of time for hooking away some new ideas.

I've had these pillowcases for an age, but I've never got round to making them perfectly so. Then all of sudden on Sunday I felt the need to decorate them.

If you're interested in making your own up then this is what I did. I used Rowan cotton 4ply on a 3.5mm hook. First I blanket stitched all the way around the opening of the pillowcase. Then I worked 2 dc into each of the blanket stitches to give a foundation to work the pattern into.

I used a basic shell pattern for the teal one and picot for the peachy one. Once that was all done I felt very happy. Little Bun was concerned they were for selling and was very happy when I told her they're for keeping. Most definately for keeping as this one looks great on Eldest Bun's bed along with the cushion I've given to her.

We spent the best part of Sunday moving furniture around in her room and making it more grown-up. I've also swapped my kitchen table desk for her chest of drawers so she can sit and draw by her window at last. Decorating will have to wait for another day as we're trying to sort out the exact shade of white she wants - discussions ongoing.

Other hooky things I've been fiddling with this weekend are a large granny cushion and a few shapes to hang around here and there.

I have quite a few stitchy and patchy ideas floating around my head at the moment. They need to be made real soon so I can see and touch them.

In fact I'd better get a wiggle on as it's not long now before our second Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market and I want to have some of these ideas on my stall.

It hasn't been all cosy and snuggly this weekend, we did a spot of outside too. Little Bun went on a boat for a couple of hours today with six other kids for a birthday party. It rained off and on, so hoods up and off we went to walk around the lake to watch our small pirates.

Lets hope for a spot of sun for the next May bank holiday.


  1. We didn't dance round any maypoles either! I left strawberries with Prince Charming and took myself and my cupcakes off to a tea party! But your hooking has been so much more productive! What a fab table to have at your window. Eldest Bun can procrastinate through much homework there, I'm sure- I certainly would! Happy May!

  2. Your crochet edged pillow cases are lovely,so pretty .They suit your daughters room perfectly.

  3. Ooh lovely..I really want to have a go at some edging but I'm not sure about how to make the holes along the edge? any ideas gratefully received!

  4. Love the pillow cases, they look really pretty. Eldest buns room looks very grown up. My daughter who is 9 has also started making grown up desk requests and much moving of furniture in her room too. Must be the age!!


  5. Were they chewy bon bon chocolate eclairs or the squidgy cake chocolate eclairs... Can't help it I'm a stickler for detail!!
    Thanks for your lovely email... I never been sent a message titled 'hairy things' before, if I hadn't recognised your name I'd have been anxiously titillated!! x

  6. What a weekend - some of the family got soaked twice - I only managed once!

    Lets hope the end of the month is much better - doing my first craft stall *gulp*

  7. The eclairs were the an elephant has sat on them type, but very delicious. I can't get mine to rise Jus.

    Clare - you need to work a blanket stitch all the way around with a needle, then you have something to attach your crochet to.

  8. Lovely idea for a pretty edging for a pillow!
    How I would have loved a bedroom like that when I was young.

    Bellaboo :0)

  9. Your pillowcases are really pretty , I love the colours. Chocolate eclairs in the warm sound like a good idea. We had a drive out to a local stretch of water and watched people sailing and wind surfing and I was freezing just watching.
    Ann x

  10. tI absolutely love the pillow cases, the blue fabric is a stunner. Lucky girl having such a pretty room with a view, I bet you have great difficulty getting her out of there now! Would love to come to the P&M but sadly it's just too far for me.

    Kate x

  11. Those are very gorgeous cushions and your daughters room looks fab. It must be lovely for her to sit next to her window looking out and doing some art.

  12. Aaahhhhh so that's how you do it. Pillowcase crocheting a mystery no more.

    Hope the eclairs were super delicious? We opted for sticky caramel shortbread, but rain here too at the weekend so no pole dancing either.

    Nina xxx

  13. There are some advantages to a wet weekend - a good excuse to cosy up and craft!

  14. I do love what you've done with the pillow cases!
    I must have a go at day!! ;-)

  15. Lovely idea for the pillow trims, and as always, perfect colours. Just noticed the happy family cards in your banner, I used to have these and spent hours making up elaborate stories about all the families!

  16. That's a pretty bedroom. My daughter doesn't want a pretty bedroom any more, she wants black! :( Your cushions are lovely, that's a lovely finish you've made to the edges with the lacey crochet!xx

  17. So happy to have found you via "The Challenge" You have an uber sweet blog. Your photos are so yummy. xo

  18. I love your crochet edged pillows, I am definitely going to add some edging to my pillows, they look so pretty. xx

  19. Loving the swallows and Amazons shot! Enid Blyton eat your heart out! Lovely.

    hOW WAS THE bRIGHT sTAR? I thought of you, brilliant time of year to watch it. I loved the scene where he is in the tree tops, ih and all the costumes and the gardens and the interiors and everything......
    Hope it didn't disappoint, I would be so sad!!!!

    Have a lovel;y weekend Mrs Bun and Swallows,

    Sarah x

  20. I love your pillow cases. I would like to try that too.

  21. Those crochet edged pillows are beautiful, your blog is so inspirational! A very happy find x

  22. i love the edging on the pillow cases, & thank you for sharing, i'd always wondered how it was done, so easy once you know how!

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