Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Fledgling Treasure

We've had a blackbirds nest in the tree by the back door for a few weeks now. We knew they were there as the mother blackbird yelled in an unbirdylike way most of the day at Pip our cat who just slept on ignoring her. Pip really isn't interested in birds and even sleeps beside the ducks (Jessie and Henry - they've moved in so have been given names). I've felt like shooting the damn bird a few times as the noise drove me insane.

Today while the Buns played with a friend in the garden, Little Bun found a fledgling by the log store. I picked it up as it hadn't got a clue about the art of flying yet and wouldn't have lasted long down there. We put it on top of the shed figuring it was safer up there and if it fell off it would get another go at the falling out of the nest fly or die thing. By the way Little Bun can't levitate, she climbed up the slide I put by the shed to keep watch.

Well no sight of it now, so fingers crossed it's flown. Not long after Little Bun showed me another one stuck in the hedge so off we went again. While we were looking Eldest Bun found six eggs laid in a neat hollow in the hedge. I've been wondering why the ladies have been off the lay the last few days. Cheeky devils had moved premises and not told me.

Wednesday was good for treasure hunt day today too. The sun shone and I found a couple of things I've lusted after for a while now. First up I got a few more cups. These are the most gorgeous of them all. There's an even smaller rose on the back of the cup.

This pair I think I'll get dated as they have no markings, are made of a really fine china and have very delicate handles. This all suggests they're very early C19th or older. I might be wrong, I'm no expert.

Now call me tragic, I don't mind, but what a thing of beauty is this mini enamel pan. Oh I've desired one of original vintage for a while now. Today I spotted one hidden in a row of boxes right by a lady who might have turned at any moment and fallen in love too and got there before me. Just as I picked the pan up I turned and saw a Tala Flour tin in perfect condition. Now it sits alongside my sugar and pastry cutters tins.

A perfect day ended with a spot of knitting in the last of the days sun, the Buns played and then we ate up fresh strawberries and almond brownies. Not a bad way to spend mid-week in May.

Hope that summer sun is finally reaching you all and giving you the lift out of cold Spring.


  1. What a great way to spend a Wednesday. Your rose tea cup is gorgeous and what luck to find the Tala flour tins. I love them too and have a couple of the shakers with red and yellow lids. Your almond brownies look yummy.
    Ann x

  2. A few years ago we had birds nesting in the honeysuckle by the back door.One morning we opened the door to see four little beaks popping out from the nest!They were at eye level,it was amazing they would make a nest so close to the house.
    Glad your Wednesday was a good one!

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. I hope the baby blackbird made it's always a worry this time of year for fledglings.

    Love your treasures - I really must get my backside into gear and go a treasure hunting.

    take care,

    Nina x

  4. What a wonderful Wednesday. :)
    We are forever rescuing wild life in our garden, a hazard of the season I suppose. :) xx

  5. Oh so cute! We had baby blue tits running around our garden last year, the sweetest sight. Wonderful for the children to see isn't it?

    Gorgeous rosy cup you found.

    Kate x

  6. Those blackbirds certianly know how to make a racket - when they start up in our garden, the hens join in, then the dog rushes out to do a 'boundary' check for cats!

  7. Oooh, starting my day off with a gander at a baby bird . . . can't be better than that. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sounds like a lovely day. The weather was gorgeous yesterday. Those brownies look yummy. xxx Pixie xxx

  9. Am I going mad - I can't see a picture of the pan?! But I'm so thirlled for you, I'm always hunting out old pans and got a wonderful cream enamel frying pan the other day. Lovey and heavy with an extra long handle. Lucky you finding the Tala tin.

    I love the china too - what pretty colours.

    We've got blackbirds nesting in our hedge aswell. The mother has been busily clearing our guttering of moss and leaves (helpful but messy!) and this morning I saw her with the film lid from a microwave meal (not from ours though!) Goodness knows what she's planning to do with that!

    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend, looks like it'll be a scorcher.
    Love Stephx

  10. What a great picture, I love watching blackbirds digging around. We have 2 baby robins in our garden at the moment, they have little spots on their chest instead of red.
    I did laugh at your covert bagging of the pan incase someone else found it,I went in a cs last week and found 3 boxes of goodies, it took every ounce of willpower not to shout yippee !! I must post some pics.
    Glad you had a good day
    Cate x

  11. Oh poor little mites!
    We too have a noisy birdy problem right now. Mr Blackbird has the most beautiful song but his dastardly wife is forever 'shouting' in an earpearcing tone at our cat who also just ignores them.
    I cant even step foot out of the back door without her shouting at me!

  12. I know exactly what the blackbird noise is like!
    It can be quite irritating!

    Some lovely finds there.
    Love that inside of the rose cup.


  13. Love all your finds, especially the cups.

    Glad you helped the little bird, we have had to do the same for two years running with some little blue tits that nest in our garden.

    Brownies look rather yummy too.


  14. What a lovely post, cute fledglings, lots of treasures, goodies and yummies.


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