Monday, 17 May 2010

Chop Chop

I have only two weeks now (which actually works out to be four days to make stuff in) before our second Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market and then Little Vintage Lover the week after. Today I actually had a plan. Normally I just amble through making what I feel in the mood for making. Today I cut everything out first and now it's there on the table waiting for me. As I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays I won't be able to get on with the stitchy bit until Wednesday. A whole day to have to wait.

I picked out a few fabrics and ironed first. There's quite a few more under the pile.

I had a slight distraction along the way as I found some Amy Butler I've been saving to make a copy of my mustard top.

I reasoned that as long as I was doing the cutting up (which I really don't enjoy) then I might as well get this chopped too. Chopping is a pretty accurate description of what I did as I cut around the top with the hope that it will fit when it's all done.

Shapes are all cut now and ready to become Bits & Bobs Purses, Pincushions and Flower Garden Brooches

I also cut up some felt needlecases as I've not made these for a while. They go well with the Buttonbags and Pincushions all jumbled up in a basket.

While I had my scissors on the go I only just stopped myself from chopping into this gorgeous vintage apron. I've been looking at it hanging on the hook for a while now and want to turn it into something else, I just need to decide on what sort of something before I go chop chopping away.


  1. I too dont like the cutting. I wish I had some little elves to do it for me

  2. Are you really going to chop it up? Can't you tie it around your head like an enormous beehive turban.... it'd look fab!!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who leaves stuff till the last minute. Our event is also next weekend (29th) - my sewing desk is covered in cutout things!!

  4. Ooh,you're going to be a busy bee! I love all those fabrics and the felt is so colourful.

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. beautiful fabrics. I dont like cutting too. :) xxx

  6. Ooooh what gorgeous things you're making Lisa. I love the old apron, what fantastic fabric and I love the stuff you're making your new top in. I'm in envy of your fabric stash ut I'm hopeless and would never get around to the making bit so good job I don't have such lovely material.

    Have a fun, busy week.
    love Stephx

  7. I love you're blog and you're colors ! Thanks !

  8. Loving that pile of fabric, such gorgeous designs. Fabric is very much on my mind at the moment as I am going to attempt a hexagon patchwork quilt. I have been meaning to make one for years and have finally got enough of a stash to at least make a start. Will need loads more and have a feeling that ebay will be my best bet, plus a jumble sale or two. Love your coathanger, have a thing about them as well at the moment. Dev x

  9. Such beautiful fabrics and I really really love the blue rose trimming... looking forward to seeing the finished projects!
    Jo xx


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