Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Bit of this & a Bit of that

Some weekends we snuggle, we're content and we don't do much at all. This weekend we were content and did loads of stuff.

For an age I've wanted to have a go at big stuff crochet. I thought this rug would be perfect, but it needed 7 balls of Rowan Big Wool. Too much money pre- Utmost Challenge, now buying it would be a naughty No No as part of the Utmost Challenge. A bit like having one of those sneaky cigarettes I had when I gave up smoking.

On Friday pre-church walk I had a quick look in the CS and found some big fat acrylic yarn in cream. Perfect for the job. Fits the rules, was super cheap and I can now say I really like big fat stuff crochet as much as small fiddly stuff crochet.

In spare moments I've tried out a few more hooky shapes. Still a long way off a dingly dangly garland.

I picked up a few roadside geraniums in our village and potted them up. Too high for peckish beaks who trash everything else.

On Saturday, after a long lazy lunch out, we went to see an exhibition of photographs on loan from the National Portrait Gallery. To gaze at my teenage crush Bowie, laugh at the bad boy photos of The Stones and The Who and share them all with the Buns who have only ever heard the music was the perfect way to pass an afternoon.

A tip top weekend was rounded up today by a visit from my folks for lunch with us and then putting together the bench they bought for me on Friday. Our other bench collapsed a few weeks back when two little girls sat on it for a cuddle. Now we have somewhere to sit and enjoy the end of the days sun again.


  1. I love that Beatles photograph, brilliant.

    Hmm, the Piano was more intense, more slow burning, Bright Star was more innocent and poetic (tee hee0 I loved them both.

    Your flyer for the market in Holt is gorgeous too by the way.

    Love to all those Buns,

    Sarah x

  2. Glad you had such a lovely weekend.I'm going to get a new bench.Our old one has to go,it is making the whole garden look tatty.
    Think you'll be getting good use out of yours..they're predicting warm weather for next week!

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. Your blog is always lovely... but until today I never dared to leave a comment. Until I completely fell in love with the crocheted rug. What a brilliant project. Now I'm dreaming about making one for my bathroom. Would you mind telling me where I can get the pattern ?

    Thanks for all the daily sharing, anyway.

    la violette

  4. Looooooooove that crochet rug !
    The big yarn was a great find .
    Your geraniums look so cheerful.I've got to plant mine up this week.
    Jacquie x

  5. I've just finished my first ever crochet project, and am emboldened to think of the next- emboldened and inspired after a little visit here! Muchly thanks!

  6. OOh , that rug is going to be lovely! I've just started teaching myself to crochet and I am loving it!

  7. I am still struggling to learn how to hook, there are so many things I want to have a go at, but am failing big style - ho hum. I will just have to live vicariously again!

  8. What a lovely weekend. I bought geraniums over the weekend too, :), and have just planted them out today. xxx

  9. I love the different crochet projects you're doing! I'm still plodding on with my 'granny square' blanket and have one eye on that lovely chunky ball of wool you're using!xx

  10. Sounds like a perfect weekend, I love your colourful geraniums. I really like the idea of having chickens but not sure how practical it would be in a town garden.
    Ann x


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