Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Sun has Gone to Bed

I felt a desire to blog right now, but unfortunately the sun has gone away and so all the light is pretend stuff. With a bit of jiggery pokery I've made the pictures look as good as they're ever going to get in a 4o watt lit old cottage on a rainy night.

Now this morning, when the sun was up we popped in to the car boot. I gave the Buns a list of things to look out for and we whizzed off. Well it was pretty poor today to say the least and I started to feel a bit sulky. I expect to find treasure on a Wednesday morning and don't like being thwarted.

When I laid out our finds later on I was pretty surprised to see what we'd actually found was just the ticket. One Bun says sell the tray (seeing profit) the other Bun agrees with me and votes for keeping it. I'm definately keeping it. It's that odd dolly flesh colour of pink with handpainted flowers. A happy making tray really.

After my outing it was time for the Bun's treat. Eldest Bun hasn't ridden for over a year and Little Bun has only been on a horse once. They've been beside themselves with excitement for days now as I was taking them to the stables I used to ride at. When I came home from London on the odd weekend I used to love going on a Sunday morning hack here. I used to ride a strong 18 hand stallion called Chironto (we're talking 20 years ago when I was a lot braver than I am now by the way).

Well Eldest Bun rode his son today called Little Fella who was a really miled mannered gelding. Funny how things come around isn't it. Little Bun followed behind on Dancer his girlfriend.

From horses to a Roman town for our picnic lunch and then a stop off in my friend Gilly's wool shop. New wool meant hooking and knitting when we got back. Two tired Buns flopped in front of a film and so I fiddled with colours and had a biscuit munching moment.

I whipped up a cosy for a friends birthday.

Timed myself to see how passable it would be to make and sell some roundy cushions.

Then there's the scarf I started on Sunday morning. Emmie was wearing a scarf on Saturday that I fancied copying. It was the dangly flowers that got me inspired. I had a quick look, worked out what I would do and here I am working row after row. If it works and I like it, then I'll post the pattern for anyone who might fancy one themselves.

Now bed and sleep are calling as I need to get my work head on for tomorrow. I've promised I'd get up early for a bit of playtime before I leave. I do like a lay in so I think it's a generous promise I've made.


  1. What a lovely day. :) And such pretty finds. xxx

  2. Dolly flesh colour!?! Is that from the Dulux body parts range...
    I've always thought I'd quite like to learn to ride, but side saddle with an out of Africa skirt and a cowboy hat, Yee Haa! x

  3. Aren't you the busy little bun!

    Can't wait to see the scarf!

    Lisa xo

  4. I do like that colour green knitting of yours!xx

  5. Isn't it frustrating when the sun runs away?

    Looks like a lovely day though.
    Your knitting looks fab.


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