Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Something Fishy

Little Vintage Lover fair was a good day out on Sunday. Three tables were shared out by the lady of Kitschen Pink and myself so we had our own corner of colourful happiness.

Teena as usual had found some good treasure on her wanderings around the Norfolk countryside. I lusted after this fish in a way that was bordering on obsessive. I know some would think yuk you've lost your mind, but then there are those that would say I absolutely must have that fish. I'll race you to it.

My self-control was far too good. I promised myself once I'd made some sales then I'd buy it. It sold before I'd made that decision. I kicked myself hard.

Lesson learnt from this is - however skint you, are if you see something vintage you really really must have then just go and get it. Stop faffing. They're pretty much one offs and you probably won't get a second chance.

Later on I cheered myself up with one of Tracey's felty brooches.

Then this vintage piece of towelling to take the edge of my upset and I was feeling much better. It's now hidden away on the pile until it lets me know what it wants to become.

I had lots of lovely comments on Sunday about my dingle dangle brooch. Quite a few people wanted to know if it was for sale. I've decided to carry on tweaking it a bit more and then I will share the dingle dangle brooches around. I think I'll make them as people want them so they can have the colour flowers that are just so for them.

The bit of time between now and Sunday was spent feeling very poorly indeed with a tummy bug. I was back to feeling like me again today so I had a quick dash around my favourite Wednesday car boot.

I couldn't believe it when hidden at the back of all sorts of do dahs was a pearlised fish. Not as lustworthy as the first, but good enough to keep a disappointed searcher of oddments happy. The Buns gave it the go ahead too with a 'Like the fish mummy' when they got home from school.

So it all ends well with me being the owner of another ugly, but very shiny fish.


  1. Honey if I had known you were so obsessed I would have hidden it under the table until you had come to your sense! Glad you found one of your own and good to hear you're feeling better!! t.x

  2. Shame you missed out on your fish. At least you got a baby version of it today. Just out of interest where have you put it. Not sure where I would put a fish in my house.


  3. By the tin merrygoround in the dining room for now Alijane. He'll go on a wander soon no doubt.

  4. Hi Mrs Bun,I actually prefer the 2nd little fish-Wednesday is also my carboot day and todays was a massive haul,all waiting to be bathed,pre photo shoot!P.S now I have opened my little shop I should dearly love to have some of those dangly flower brooches to sell,if ever you have some to spare!x

  5. I hate that feeling... I missed out on a beautiful green swing jacket at the local op shop last week... gutted! Not a word to be used around your fish obviously.x

  6. Look what I found:

    Maybe some friends to go with the beautiful fish you found at the car boot. BTW, your brooch is gorgeous and I would love to own one too, if you make enough??

  7. Hi Lisa

    Ive just been reading your past posts, sorry about your cat, I hope your all starting to feel a bit better, its so hard as pets do become like little people. Once we couldn't find Belle for a day and i was beside myself with worried!

    There is something about the top fish but im not sure about the bottom one, i'll keep a look out for you in our charity shops, we live by the sea so there's a slim chance another one might pop up one day!

    take care, fliss xx

    p.s love your knitted brooch too, its lovely!

  8. Do you know my dad had fish like the one you missed out on! There were two together, rainbow trout, I think. He loved them, I didn't quite get it to be honest!
    I wonder where they got to?
    Thanks for stirring the memory. :)
    Vivienne x

  9. I use to have a fish similar to the 2nd one - it got broken in a move :(

    BTW I'm trying to organise a bloggers meet up in Southwold on June 27th - don't know if you'd be up for this??

  10. love the fish! I've had a few similar in the past! I know what you mean about not buying things! I once didn't buy this perfect vintage wooden tailors dummy ( for £25) and have regretted it ever since! Glad the fair went well for you.

  11. Hello Lisa

    Well talk about serendipity with the fish! And I think I like the fish you ended up with a teensy bit more than the first one! Isn't it strange how things like that happen though...hope you are feeling much better now!

    Love Julia

    ps - the towelling is fabulous too! Great find xxx

  12. I think the little fish is much cuter. You did very well. :)

  13. MERRY CHRISTMAS Lisa....!

    I hope this note finds you well Lovey & recovering from all the 'hurly burly' of the Silly Season.... :o) !!

    Now, while I'm sending you an enquiry I don't need an answer TOOTSWEET as I expect you're enjoying time with the Buns during the holidays....!

    I'm writing to tell you how much I ADORE your crochet brooch in this post & am wondering if you'll be making some more....? I would be LOVE to buy one from you if you are happy to post to me down here In Australia....!

    Well I'll let you get back to it....!!

    Warmest wishes from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)


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