Sunday, 25 April 2010

Over Too Soon

Apart from a hideous car boot experience on Sunday morning (something to do with being trapped in a field of escaping cars for an hour in the rain) it's been a sunny, chilled and perfect weekend.

I finally finished off my Granny Blob cushion. I made the back from a piece of felted blanket and blanket stitched all the way around. I had plans to put buttons on the back with proper buttonholes, but after a while with my sewing machine I realised I hadn't a clue how I'd ever done this. I opted for the really quick not bother with it method.

I worked my needle all the way round and finally I had a cushion of colourful blobs. Eldest Bun has her eye on it, but for now it's happy sitting on the Big Kids bed.

Then there were bits of gardening. Now for the record I'm not much of a gardener. I know exactly how I'd like my garden to look, all cottagey with corrugated iron hiding a pile of compost. Homely and real is my thing for a garden. I lack the uuummppphh to ever make this really happen outside so I just dream about swaying hollyhocks, lupins and whatever other names tall flowers have.

Our garden looked seriously unloved. The grass hadn't been cut since last year, weeds, rubbish and broken pots were taking over and then there's the ducks who've moved in and our naughty naughty hens who completely trash the place. But hey ho, I forgive them because their eggs make the most yellow of yellow cake mixes and batters which taste delicious.

My parents came over and joined in with the mending and clearing. The Bun's wheeled the barrow full of mess around and planted seeds of all sorts in their Belfast sink garden. Then we stopped to eat the eclairs I'd made and trust me they tasted so good. No pics as they got eaten quick.

Later on a spot of bike riding, trampolining and Piggy in the Middle before collapsing with a Shandy (beer & lemonade all mixed to make a kiddy beer).

Mr Bun asked me to lock the ladies up in the end, because the more we tidied, the more they wanted to chuck rocks on the lawn and get it back to how they liked it best.

We sat and watched them for a while in our new sunny spot. My dad had mended the bench for us because we're hopelessly impractical at stuff like that. We dragged it up to the top so we can catch the last of the days sun. I might bring my knitting up here tomorrow and chat to the girls and little Molly who's buried right beside.

As we tidied the day away, got stuff ready for Monday, moaned about the weekend being over before we were ready we decided it'd been a good one.


  1. Hi, Know what you mean re weekends passing quickly. I always plan to do too much on Sunday and that just sets me up for 'failing' if I'm not careful! We gave the boot a miss this week and did tidy up stuff at home. Not so interesting but feeling righteous! have a good week.
    Lesley X

  2. I really like your white crocheted cushion. Your garden looks lovely and so summery with the lovely light across the lawn. What a lovely time of year it is :) xx

  3. Weekends do indeed go far too quickly! Sounds like you had a really lovely and productive family time in the garden.

    The cushion looks great.

  4. I'm very envious of your new cushion - it looks fab.
    What a great way to spend a weekend - spending time with your family. Isn't it great now that the evenings are longer?

  5. Well done on the cushion - it looks fab. And I am in LOVE with your garden. I want one just like that. It looks like it is lovely and private and enclosed. A perfect place to escape to. And even room for the chooks.

  6. And here we are on Monday morning with only a whiff left of the weekend.

    Sounds like you have a lovely all rounder of a weekend and I love the 'blob' cushion though gawd knows how you do button holes too!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina xxxx

  7. Your cushion is lovely, and your garden looks very nice. xx

  8. Isn't it lovely to be back in the garden again, every garden needs a "thinking and enjoying the surroundings" bench!

    Linda x

  9. I think your garden look lovely! Just love the cushion though!!
    Vivienne x

  10. I'm afraid hens and pretty gardens do not go well together - my naughty girls have pecked all the new growth off my lavendar. grrrr.

  11. Sounds suspiciously like me weekend! I am so impressed by your cushion I am off to learn more on crochet - I have the bug - but I'm a long way off something as pretty as that!!!


  12. The cushion is gorgeous!I love the colour combination.I'm still plodding on with my granny squares for a blanket.You have a lovely garden,I can just imagine sitting on that lovely bench with a nice cuppa,watching the naughty chickens!

    Bellaboo :0)

  13. I am very envious of that luscious green bicycle! t.x


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