Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Making Me Happy Right Now

Before I set off on my usual ramble around the happenings in the world of Bobo Bun I wanted to say how I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity and support of your words after the sad news in my last post. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and offer a bloggy hand of kindness, it was really appreciated. I have tried to get round and say thank you personally, but have only got half way so far.

Now my lovely friend Nina sent us all a little parcel of goodness today. While I was signing for it our postman chatted to Alfie Blue, who then rushed out to try and have a go at one of the villagers dogs. I really enjoyed having to sort out a dog fight in my jammies and with yesterdays make-up on still! What a glamourous sort I am.

Nina made brooches, which the Buns have worn today and cuddled the little owlets inside. I'm saving the choccly for later on tonight.

She also popped in this dear little boat. A real make you happy kind of boat I think.

Next happy is that it's finally getting warm enough to wear my new cardi. A floral bouquet from Tesco no less. I've covered my face as it was still waiting for todays make-up.

I have been hooking away making all sorts of new bits and bobs. There's another Little Vintage Lover fair on Sunday and I need to re-stock the shelves in time. So we have a pot stand in very Noa Noa colours. I got impatient so I started working the back and joining it together at the same time. I love crochet - it just hits the spot perfectly.

A roundy cushion will a yellowy froth edge. Definately have a few flowers added to this one.

One more pot stand and some birdies I've been wanting to try for a while. Really quick and easy actually, but I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet. Lots of ideas, just need to settle on one.

Then there's the final happy things. Mr Bun brought back this lovely tin for me from a friend which was found on the same day as Mr Twiddle. Never heard of Mr Twiddle before or his friends Mr and Mrs Fankle. Think Enid might have been losing her thread by this stage. Gave us a giggle though.

Tomorrow we're off to the Spring Fling - a mini version of the Norfolk Show. Wellies are polished and raincoats on standby for a day of fun, animal oohhing and ahhing and a whole load of stuff besides. Little Bun also wants to celebrate Molly's birthday as the 15th was the date chosen by her when she first came to live with us.

Hope your holiday is happy too.


  1. Hi Mrs Bun,
    Loving the little boat and your cardi from tesco :)
    I am just catching up and am so sorry to hear your sad news :( thinking of you xx

  2. Oh petal... that is the saddest news, truly horrid!
    Take care buns! x

  3. Love your new cardigan and I just adore your crocheted birds!!
    Hope tomorrows little celebration brings you all some Vivienne

  4. dear lovely people, haven't stopped thinking of you all. my seven kitties..buster,rusty ,izzy, ishcabibble, callie,gus,and pete,and visiting floppsey and vinnie(two neighbor kitties who want to live here!!) send loving purrrrs your way... You are in our thoughts every day....... p.s. your birds are just heaven!!!

  5. Love your crochet,especially the pink one, looks so very good and soft. Your birds would look lovely on a homemade card and I bet such greeting cards will be kept forever and enjoyed again and again. Have a lovely day tomorrow with lots of distractions and little happy things to make you smile again.

  6. I am so pleased to hear that you are all coping well with your sad loss. It is wonderful that you are concentrating on the things that are making you happy now, and very positive attitude. :) xxx

  7. What lovely crochet. I remeber Mr Twiddle well - in fact, I had that very book!
    Hope the little buns are not feeling too sad.

  8. Glad things are making you smile a little.

    Love that cardi, very sweet.

    I had "Well Really Mr Twiddle!" I think you're right, old Enid was definitely starting to lose it a bit. Enjoy the sunshine and have a super weekend.

    love Stephx

  9. the new cardi is great!and love the birds

  10. Mmmmm....Noa, Noa colours - such good taste Mrs B.

    Hope you had fun at the fair?? It's been sunny here every day, but blooming windy and frrrreeeezing!

    take care, enjoy,

    Nina xxxxxxxxx

    ps. love the floral cardi and crochet birdies. N xx


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