Friday, 16 April 2010

It's a Wool Thing

Do your creative urges go in obsessive waves?

For me there are times when I don't feel stitchy, knitty or anything. It doesn't last long though and then I'm off on my next obsessive burst.

At the moment it's woolly stuff. Hooking it or knitting it up I don't care.

Like my button stash, my fabric stash and my bits and bobs stash there's quite a bit to choose from. A rainbow of different colours and different yarns that all want to become something new and loved.

Underneath my happy shelf is a comfy chair that hides only a part of the woolly pile. There are quite a few bags to choose from back there.

Then there's the stash that's being used at the moment and carted around the house to wherever I sit for a moments pleasure of time with my hook.

Now this one's the bad basket. A beautiful basket overflowing with mittens, scarves and jumpers that got started ...... you know the rest.

Then there's the pouffe (a most marvellous word in itself) that has become my wheelie woolly table. All sorts of flowers and leaves are growing here waiting to be sewn to a cushion, cosy or brooch.

Add to this these few bags pulled from the big cupboard of stash and you might get an idea of how much of a wool thing I have. It's everywhere and no one complains because it makes our world so colourful and just so.


  1. how could anyone complain about the joyousness ( is that a word!) that is spilling out of the baskets and bags.. the colours are gorgeous and so cheery.. somthing to always brighten up a dull morning!!

  2. Me too! I definately have periods where I can't put my needles or hook down and then I tire of it and go on to something else.I havn't done any crochet while I've been away,so I'm going to start on my blanket squares again today.
    Love your baskets!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  3. yep

    Do you have lots of crochet moyifs hanging around? I do!!


  4. Ooh I'm loving the peeps at your stashes, and your happy shelf. I tell you what though, I am VEY excited about your little crochet birds - they're wonderful! ooh ooh, will you have some on sale in May? Will you will you?

  5. That ia a great stash. I love the look of your comfy chair. :)
    I love to have all my wool displayed in baskets in the sitting room, as it gives the whole room a really homely and cosy look. xxx

  6. What a colourful post! I had to smile at the carrier bags behind the comfy chair as I'm just the same, except here it's the sofa! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, especially on my giveaway post - much appreciated. Rebecca x

  7. Obsession, of course, everyone has an addiction, depends on what is your poison?? Mine is fabric, 'nuff said. Happy creating, i mean, it all looks so pretty & inspiring. Craft materials don't spoil, there will always be time . . . love Posie

  8. Oh yes total obsession then bust. Bags stuffed in corners, stuffed with yarn, umpty million different things on the go at once. I used to think that there was something wrong with me but now I realise I am not alone. Fab blog btw. Thanks

  9. I would be terrified to empty my stash all out, there's so much of it!!!lol
    Vivienne x

  10. I just started knitting but I am thinking that crocheting may be the way to go. Sweet stuff.

  11. I really really really really need to sort out my craft room before I dare buy anymore wool, buttons or fabric. I think I have nothing until I start rooting through it all..then I get worried at just how much is appearing LOL
    There's an award for you over at my blog x

  12. You have a wonderful stash. My post today was partly about controlling mine. Love your comfy chair.

  13. Love your colourful stah and the baskets, I'm a bit of a basket case myself! I try to use them, not just display them which is a double whammy. I have them on top of my kitchen cupboards with clean glass jars in plastic bags, ready for jammingor preserving of some kind or other.
    I like the birds too. Judging by some of the comments, I guess you could quite easily sell them at your events so that people could then go on to create their own cushions etc?
    I hope you have a great weekend.

    Sandie xx

  14. I really look forward to having some knitting lessons, there are so many things that I wish to make. I have the enthusiasm but not the skill yet!

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  15. Oh I have one of those baskets - you know the one where ahem... there are --finished projects! ;-)

    Lovely colours, no one could complain.

  16. don't you just love a bag of wool!!!!!!!!!


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