Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Halfway Already

When I was making Little Bun's bed the other day, I turned round and was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of our cherry tree. Now I've told you I'm no green fingered Lil so I might be wrong here, but I'm sure the blossom was pink last year. Eldest Bun agrees with me on this one too. Can trees do this and go for a change of image when they want to catch us out?

I think she's a lucky girl having that view out of her window, very dreamy.

It made me go and have a look at Eldest Bun's view from her room. Our garden and the fields beyond. She chose this room so she could keep an eye on the hens and anything else that wandered in. At the moment we have a male and female duck that come to the kitchen window to be fed each morning. EB and I watched from up here tonight as Mr Bun threw them some bedtime corn. Fingers crossed ducklings will be born in our garden.

Now those hens of mine have been allowed back into the tidy garden and they're having a lot of fun. I caught them nestled into deep dug holes having a fabulous dust therapy session before pecking the bugs off each other on Monday afternoon.

Spring is bringing out the cupboard clearing bunny in my nature. I've been finding things and looking at stuff as if it's new as I try and move the clutter from one place to another. The petal edge plate collection is growing.

I found a small greendawn jug I didn't even know I had, so I lined the colours up to admire their sugared almondness.

Then I spicked and spanned the downstairs bathroom, which sounds grand, but really it's a very tiny place where we feed the cat and use the bath to store bagloads of stuff. There are some nice bits though.

Around work I've been busy hooking different bits and bobs and coming up with plans of what I'll be making for my next market at the end of May. Yes time is rushing towards our second Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. It's all systems go with a long list of things to do to be ticked off by us both this week over lunch.

We have had some great coverage already in the Norfolk magazine. Excitingly Selvedge will be mentioning us in their May edition. We have a really fabulous group of makers signed up for the day. Some new faces and some returning from our first market. I'm really looking forward to this one. If you want to find out more then pop on over to the blog by clicking the link above.


  1. Your garden is lovely and what a sight to wake up to ..that beautiful cherry tree blossom!
    I like to chop and change with my china too...I have soooo much..and as you say it is like 'finding' it
    again.Sometimes I go through my cupboards and think..I don't even remember buying that!

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. What a wonderful view from your daughters bedroom, how gorgeous. I bet it is wonderful seeing the ducks come into your garden. :) We had a bat in our garden the other night, and I was so excited, first time I have seen a bat you see (apart from on tv) and I was fasinated watching it. Is'nt nature wonderful. :) xxx

  3. What a lovely little pink person living in your downstairs bathroom!!
    lesley X

  4. What a great garden, I am longing for hens, but our deeds say no!

  5. Don't chickens have great personalities and how exciting the possibility of little ducklings. :)
    I just love all your pretty jugs!
    Congratulations too on "Selvedge", thats great publicity for you.
    Vivienne x

  6. What fabulous views your daughters have!

    I remember ducks coming to my parent's kitchen door asking to be fed - pecking on the glass until someone appeared. I used to love it, but my Dad was not so happy at the mess they left on the patio!!

  7. Fab garden you have! I have been cleaning out cupboards too - what is it about Spring that makes us want to do that? strange.

  8. Lovely garden.
    I love moving my china around and use different ones as much as possible.
    Great post. I love your china and glass stuff.


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