Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Eggs, Markets & Ducks

Well Easter has now been and cast it's eggy goodness over us all. The Easter Bunny kindly popped by and left the Buns a few eggs to search for, but none for the Big Buns. Bad Easter Bunny.

After all the fresh air and two big downpours at Woodbridge on Saturday I somehow started to cook a family lunch on sleepy autopilot on Easter Sunday. Then I wandered off and Mr Bun took over. I'm good at wandering off.

Now Woodbridge was great. I was very strong and didn't buy a thing, managed by not wandering round and being tempted by all the goodies for sale. I had a pitch by my lovely friend Emmie and met a few more new stallholders.

Emmie bought the knitted brooch I was wearing from me and my coat was bald for a bit. Then Tracey came by with a gift for me. She had been so inpsired by the 40's brooch I was wearing when I last saw her ( the blue one) that she had made one for me. No more bald coat. So kind of her I really appreciated it. Thanks again Tracey.

Not great pictures of the stall I'm afraid, but I was in a bit of a rush after changing a flat tyre at 7am and then being late. I was also shouting duck to Mr Bun and Alfie Blue who want to keep their air of mystery.

Now we're in the Easter Holidays properly and the sun is shining. Today's our 9th wedding anniversary and we're off out tonight. Fainting here. We never seem to get round to going out, but tonight with our trusty Tesco vouchers we're off for a meal and a drink or two. I also promised to make some of those scrummy easter biscuits that we scoffed in two seconds flat yesterday for grandma to try tonight.

Before I go I thought you might like to see who's moved in. Not that we're encouraging her at all. She brought her own bread.


  1. your stall looks very inviting..wish i'd been there.
    glad to hear you had a nice easter xxx


  2. How lovely having a duck move in!!
    Vivienne :)

  3. Very bad Easter bunny indeed!!

    Though shhhhhhh don't tell - I still have a little one who wouldn't miss the odd chocolaty egg or two....yum, yum!!

    Nina xxxxxx

  4. Your stall looked lovely; just the kind of place I like to be...!

  5. What a fab stall, what fab brooches and what a fab duck for bringing his own bread ;-)

  6. Fabulous stall honey. Happy belated Easter.
    Just been catching up with you on here.
    Hopon over to mine I'm having a Swap.
    With love,
    Catherine x

  7. Dear Mrs Bun,

    Firstly thankyou for your lovely lovely comment on the giveaway - I DEFINITELY have wobbles - all the time!

    Secondly did you make those brocches? If so I would like to buy the top one please!!!! I am in a swoon. I think I am a brooch addict.

  8. Was good to see you again on Saturday. Am now totally in love with Mr Alfie Blue - such a cute face :)

  9. Hi, Belated Happy Easter. Your stall looks great!
    Lesley XX

  10. Happy Anniversary, have a lovely night. :) xxx

  11. I love those brooches!!! I have posted them up to share on my blog!!

  12. *Sigh* the UK seems so much more enlightened when it comes to crafting and vintage as being natural partners...wish I was there...
    Went to look at goodies in your Etsy store after Mama Holli was raving about you..but no goods...?
    I'll check back later to see if you have loaded up your shop there..


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