Friday, 2 April 2010

Cosy Easter

Sometimes you see something and however nuttily busy you are you just have to go with it. Last night blog browsing I stumbled upon a great tutorial on Penny's blog. Even though I should have been putting the finishing touches to my makes I got distracted. And even though I thought I wouldn't find time to pop by here until the weekend was over, well I just wanted to show you what I found and made.

So last night I made one ditsy floral egg cosy for first one Bun

then I made a second one in bed this morning. I've also made a red one, but it was shy and didn't get in front of the camera. Three is all we'll need as Mr Bun is not partial to a dippy egg. Choccly eggs are a different matter though.

As I sat and stitched and knitted this morning, I looked round to see I had a feathery audience. The ladies get fed up waiting for their treats nowadays and so come knocking for them. Indoors we munched on the Porter cake I made last night and the ladies had a grape or two.

For Woodbridge finishing touches have been added to new pot holders,

hooky hangers,

garden floral brooches and

squishy square pincushions.

I've also got some beautiful coloured glass to add to my stall - lets just hope the rain stays away after all this hard work.


  1. Love the eggs. You do such beautiful work. :) Happy Easter!

  2. I love the things you've made for Woodbridge - just wish I could get there today! Happy Easter

  3. Lovely makes. The Ladies are lovely, bless them, I so wish we could keep hens. xxx

  4. Your egg cosies are great, in fact all your makes are lovely! Have a good day at the fair.
    Vivienne x
    P.S. The "real" Easter chicks are beautiful!! :)

  5. Super cute, happy Easter, love Posie

  6. Oh so lovely, adorable, love Posie

  7. Aren't they lovely - such sweet, springy colours too.

    Have a happy Easter Lisa.
    love Stephx

  8. You have been busy!
    Have a happy Easter.

  9. Loving all the crochet yumminess especially those egg cosies :)

  10. lovely to see you buns yesterday! had a lovely day, loved my brooch and I hope bernie and turnip have settled in nicely!x

  11. Hope the fair was as successful as you deserve you amazing woman! How you find the time I will never know. LOVE the pattern on those hooky hangers! Beautiful! t.xx

  12. Oh and I meant to say... I could EAT those pincushions! Just yummy!!! t.x

  13. Hooky hangers - delish and I love such lovely little egg cosies though my lot would insist on cream eggs under theirs!!

    Hope your having a super relaxing Easter break with another two weeks to go!?

    take care my dear,

    Nina xxxxx

  14. çok tatlılar..çok hoş birblog kesinlikle..sevgiler

  15. I've had a really enjoyable mooch through your blog and see we have the same Magpie habits. I see one or two green glass items similar to ones I have. I'm a bit less of a compulsive buyer nowadays as at some point the house got full.
    My sons also have the hoarding gene and they left home and went without their 'stuff'.
    Very pretty and enjoyable blog.

  16. you are so clever! i love the cosies :o)

  17. Hi Mrs Bun! Just been looking for a track back for this post as I've talked about you on my blog. I love your colour choices for your hangers. GORGEOUS!


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