Friday, 23 April 2010

Can I Play too?

I've always liked a challenge, something to get my wonky teeth into. I've been reading Tif's blog and loving her makes, her style of setting up a shot and her general air of life is good (or peachy as she says) for quite a while now. I fancied taking part in her challenge of the utmost kind, but kept dithering. What if we suddenly inherited sackloads of money from an unknown relative; what if the chickens dug up buried treasure ... all those kinds of things that meant spare money would be floating around needing to be spent on new things. But do you know I figured that really isn't going to happen around here so I would just keep on doing what I do and that's making stuff and buying stuff that has been around for a while. To put it nicely it's called handmade, vintage and thrifty living.

So I finally came to the conclusion that I would officially stand up for all that is how I live, take the oath and say yes please Tif I'd like to play too.

Tif got back to me to say course you can be a challenger. So hands up for my pledge to myself " for twelve months ... that's April to April 2011, I'll be buying secondhand, be as thrifty as thrifty can be, be making and a making and buying handmade when I do buy." Exciting really as I like taking stock every now and again and at least being skint has to be more fun when you make it a game.

This morning, before I heard from Tif, I had so many plans. It was my first day off work and being by myself for three weeks so I think I got carried away wanting to do it all in one go. I did get the kitchen chair pads re-covered and even added ties so they don't get used as a dog bed each time they fall off. I love this cherry blossom barkcloth. I've still got a bit left as I cut it from a curtain panel, so I might make some more cushion pads.

I also felt the pull of the charity shops, especially the Cat Home one where the batty lovely lady chats away and makes it even more fun being in there. I casually mentioned coloured needles (there haven't been any around for a while now) and she revealed the hidden stash under the counter. Blackmarket needles - apparently they're very much in demand and not everyone gets to see them. She even laid them out for me to pick the colours I wanted.

A rummage in the wool basket threw up these two balls of 4ply which is just what I need for my Dingle Dangle brooches. Then on the crockery shelves I found some pretty scalloped edge Greendawn plates. They've already been used by three little girls to eat chocolate muffins so they were a necessity I guess.

Can you spot some cut up patchy squares under the glass? Well I did get round to cutting those up for some more cushions I want to cover. I plan to sit in the sun, ignore the weeds and make this weekend.

In the last bit of my day before I became a fully functioning mummy again ,I popped into New Look to spend a £5 voucher I had. I'd already got the blue ring from a charity shop aswell as some t-shirts for the Bun's, but I needed more BliNg. I spent a while deciding on whether to get the pink ring or cream ring. I settled finally on the cream and then the girl at the till said it's buy one get one free on jewellry. Fabulous idea this I thought.

I didn't get to be a great functioning mummy for a while longer though. On the way to school I timed it wrong and so I ended up sitting admiring an enormous herd of cows amble along past my car on the way to be milked. I called the school so no problem there and then I just sat and enjoyed the moment.

It looks like it'll be a great weekend so fingers crossed you all have a great one.


  1. Well done you for taking 'The Pledge'.
    Your chair cushions look fab and I'm lovin the new BLING.
    I picked up some Turquoise knitting needles the other week from a charity shop for 50p, as you can imagine I was delighted and walked out of the shop with a huge grin on my face. Coloured needles just make me happy :0)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Cool cool all cool. Lerrve the rings and the cow reason to be late is so rural. I had to ring school cos the air ambulance got in the way once. Not so fun however.

  3. Your chair cushions are gorgeous and the coloured knitting needles are lovely, I never see them in charity shops. I love the New look rings I will have to pop in and see if the offer is still on.
    Ann x

  4. wishing you lots of luck in your challenge :) looks like you are off to a good start so far! Fab rings by the way, I do like rings, and roses, so fab combo!
    Looking forward to your next post!
    Gem x

  5. Good luck with your challenge :)
    Love the rings!

    Beki xxx

  6. Good on you, bet Mr Bun loves the idea!! I love the fact you embraced the hiccup on your drive to school, i too have run our school to say "4 McClellands will be late, we're behind a tractor for the next 15km" & we start talking about farms, count the kangeroos, horses, cows, sheep, rather than speed past them. Love Posie

  7. well done you...and love that seat cushion x

  8. Good luck with taking the pledge. It sounds as if you have lots of ideas and plans.

    Loving the bling. Love those flowering rings so pretty.

    Hope you have a really great weekend making.

    MBB x

  9. Loads of luck with your challenge. I'd love to do the same but have my son getting married in August and my step daughter marrying in September - so money will go to each to be spent on the wedding/honeymoon or whatever and I am definitely going to have to buy something to wear as I don't normally do 'posh'
    Anyway am looking forward to hearing how you get on
    take care

  10. Great idea, love your finds. :) xxx

  11. Love the cushion pads!
    Coloured needles are just so pretty.
    Wishing you luck of the "utmost kind" for your challenge. :)
    Vivienne x

  12. Well done you, i love the idea as it is very eco minded but now sure the charity shops could feed my birdie festish lol. Have fun and can't wait to see more of your bargains.

  13. Seat cushion is so pretty! Weldone for taking the challenge - I am thinking the same way as youat the moment, however I have the added incentive that our new house is forcing a thrifty life. Anyhoo, I'll see how you go and then......well maybe...


  14. I just love looking at the pictures on your blog. You are truely a great photographer. The chair cushions are lovely and I really like the needles. I want one of those rings!!

    Plus...I really want to take the challenge too. It's awesome!

  15. Can't stop I'm off to New Look!!

    Only joking - love your rings.....though seriously I will need to pop in next week some time, they really are gorgeous.

    Well done for taking up the pledge (not polish by the way).

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Nina x

  16. Well done for signing that pledge, you're very brave. I LOVE the coloured needles. I always wanted that kind of hair where you pile it all up on top and just hold the whole thing together with a couple of knitting needles, or even a pencil or two... That look would go SO well with those rings!Penny x

  17. Ah blackmarket coloured knitting needles, must ask at my local CS if they have any under their counters!

    Well done for joining in on the challenge!

  18. hello mrs B,
    oooh I love love LOVE those big rings, I have a blue, 2 green ones and a red rose ring just the same...just my cup of tea those are, uber kitsch knuckledusters!!
    Best of luck with the challenge,I'll look forward to seeing all your finds and makes. I do love tif's blog, she has exquisite taste and makes it all look so effortless... sigh. x

  19. lovely lovely ring finds. Might have to pop to new look myself! I think you should wear them all just like that! Just altogether in a bundle! t.x


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