Friday, 26 March 2010

Tangerine & Daffodilly Yellow Birthday

Each morning my tangerine roses make me feel just so. The happy brightness of the orange is just the right pick me up for a 'not best in the morning' sort such as me.

Now if you were out and about and you knew you should be watching the pennies until payday, would you have been able to resist this tangerine rose ring? Well I guess it comes down to taste, but I knew that it had to sit on my finger and come home with me then and there.

A moment of self-indulgence amid a mad day of birthday party food buying, present making baking and general this and that stuff.

Saturday is party day and we're off to a gorgeous victorian farm with a small bunch of girlies. Then there's Sunday and it's Little Bun's 8th birthday.

Still stitching to finish. Nearly there with Little Bun's apron for her special jam tart making days.

Now this present is one I'm most pleased with. Attempting anything like this normally ends in some kind of disaster. When Little Bun wrote to her fairy and asked if she could make a party dress for her doll Kitty it made it kind of hard to refuse.

I haven't made clothes since my art college days when we used to design and print up cloth which then got turned into something to go clubbing in. Now here I am making a very mini version of a 30's party dress from scratch.

I cut out the basic shapes and stitched and hoped and each time it fitted and worked. In fact I really enjoyed making this daffodilly yellow dress. I used a small piece of strap from an edwardian camisole to decorate the front and two of my special pink (and last) vintage buttons.

Two teeny vintage buttons hold the back together.

Last homemade present I've made for her is this soft as can be cardigan. I've really enjoyed making it as the wool was smooth and stretchy. I used Rowan calmer which had sat in a bag for a couple of years just waiting. All finished off with a purple pansy button.

To go with this purple cardi is a guitar of the most shiny purple possible. I think we'll be learning together as we go. Last time I played a guitar I was nine and Found a Peanut was as rocking as it got.

Now my Easter girl needed some suitable decorations for her birthday weekend, so I stocked up on a few shiny eggs and bought both Bun's a pair of windy up friends - Daphne and Dave Duck.

I've also cut some Pussy Willow and Cherry Blossom to put in a vase and hopefully that'll become an Easter Tree very soon. Now I'd better finish making those knickers to go with the daffodilly dress. No good having a best dress and no nicks is it.

See you once all the hard partying is over. Have a great weekend.


  1. I love the little dress so cute! and the two little duckys are fab!x

  2. aww the dress is sooo sweet..lovely fabric you've used aswell...
    my mum always used to make our clothes for us when we were children.. i dont know were to start so have never attempted it..maybe starting with dolls clothes could be an idea!!!
    have a good weekend

  3. Lucky little Bun - gorgeous pressies.

    Hope she has a lovely birthday :)

    You've reminded me I need to raid the garden for my easter tree :)

  4. Beautiful handmade gifts!!
    Hope you have a lovely birthday weekend. :)
    Oh and you're so right, no use at all having a best dress and no nicks!!! lol
    Vivienne x

  5. She's going to be so thrilled with the lovely handmade gifts...they are gorgeous!
    Hope you all have a smashing day tomorrow.

    Bellaboo :0)

  6. What gorgeous handmade pressies for your little one.
    Have a fab birthday weekend.

  7. The dress is gorgeous, your daughter will love it, and the cardigan is so very pretty. What special birthday presents. :) xxx

  8. I forgot the smallest bun and eldest boo share the same birthday. He's ten tomorrow, but you'd think he was two judging by the excitement levels in the house today!!

    Have fun and lots of love and hugs to the birthday girl,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxx

    ps. I'd buy the ring too - it's gorgeous. Nxxx

  9. Have a great weekend - just love that cardi!

  10. Love the vibrant colours in your post today, the first picture is brilliant, how realistic and fun is that ring? And what a lucky little Bun you have, her presents are beautiful. Enjoy.

    Kate x

  11. Lovely presents, I hope little bun has a lovely day, I've been making little ted trousers nothing quite as pretty but still fun! Have a lovely weekend fliss xx

  12. the dress is gorgous and so is the cardigan - she will love them

  13. Mrs Bun you have been a busy bee. Love the dress you have made a real good job.

    I think I would have bought the ring too, its looks like a lola rose style ring.


  14. Just been catching up with all your posts and absolutely love your tangerine rose ring. Looks like you have been having some brilliant making days.

  15. Even just the word tangerine has such a happiness to it! I love these delightful roses and what an amazing find on your finger!

  16. What lovely things - Little Bun is a very lucky young lady and I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  17. Beautiful work! Happy birthday Little Bun :o)xx

  18. Fabulous, fabulous, all is fabulous! Resist nothing, not with such gloriously vibrant tatse!

  19. Love the tangerine ring! Maybe that's because I have a lime green one. People comment all the time on it (not sure if that's a good their eyes!) but I love it.


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