Sunday, 7 March 2010

Smile Happy Things

On Saturday I was the other side of the pitch being a customer at the Little Vintage Lovers Fair in Norwich. It was in Dragons Hall, a Medieval Merchants House which is a facinating building set on the river. Georgian House's and an Old Victorian Foundry Wall run nearby as reminders of wealth of the past long gone. I'm afraid as great as the pictures of it all would have looked, I have none. I was with my gang and two frozen children wanted to rush out of the biting wind and not hang around with a David Bailey wannabe.

I was too late getting in for a booking to this one as my head had been full of remembering teaching theories and suchlike at that time. I'm really glad I missed it though as it was lovely to be able to have a chat with my friends there and meet some new people too. I only bought a few things and they were all with Faded Splendour as I can't resist their lovely vintage fabric and Tracey's beautiful felt brooches.

All bundled up before I give you a proper look.

The brooch at the front is for the lovely one I work with who had liked my own so much. The other in the pot is most definately for me as it's adorable. I was wearing my favourite 40's felt brooch that I bought from Louise Loves years ago. I've had so many people asking me to copy it and make them one, but I wanted to keep mine original and it really needs the faded colours of vintage felt. Tracey fell in love with it so she may be inspired. The brooch on the card isn't one of Tracey's by the way.

Now isn't this curtain panel fabulous. I'm guessing 60's. I feel tempted to make a few crochet edged tea towels with this one. One for me and a few to sell I think.

Two floral soft cotton curtain panels. Perhaps a bag, cushion covers, patchwork stuff who knows. Tracey sometimes asks what the fabric will be as she likes to know it's going to be loved properly. I think she trusts it's going to a good home now. Annoyingly I missed out on a fabulous large embroidered cloth with lavender and roses on. My eagle eyed friend Jo spotted it after I had been rummaging on the same basket. She always has a good nose for these things.

I also met a few people who read my blog and said lovely things. I bumped into an old friend from teenage art school days with the most adorable little girl and I met two potential learner hookers for Wednesdays crochet group. By now my lot were outside and texting me to come on and hurry up as the castle needed exploring. Oh well, you can only be vintage for so long.

When we got to the castle we spent a while in the watercolour exhibition. The Bun's ran free looking as they wished. At the end we asked what was their favourite and they both choose the same Anish Kapoor red piece. It was lovely hearing them explain exactly why they loved it too. They discussed texture, colour and even composition (not that they used that word before you're really impressed). It's a real joy watching them grow and see their individual responses to the world around them. Before you think we're all happy happy, they did scream at each other for about half an hour when we got home.

By the time we got home to a freezing house (I forgot to order the oil in time!) we were glad of the sunlight and these cheery floral beauties. While we waited for the woodburner to warm us all I wandered around taking a few shots as the light was perfect.

This pink jug was a gift from T as was the blue handpainted vase and the floral lovelies below. She has a great eye and luckily spots a piece or two for me aswell.

Now it's Sunday and it's homework. ironing and all that other squit. I did start the day with a few more rows of the cardigan I'm making Little Bun for her birthday at the end of the month. It's purple as are most of the things she's asked for. I think it might be her favourite colour.

By the way if you haven't popped your name down below, then don't forget the Jolly Giveaway as you have until Friday.

Well that's me done for today. Have a greatrest of the weekend.


  1. I would love to have come to the Little Vintage Lovers fair as Norwich is a fab place and although one which is a long way away from me, I've visited quite a few times! Listening to those Norfolk accents always amuses me too!! I adore the fabric of the curtain panels!

  2. haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

  3. A bontiful stash Mrs B - some real gorgeous finds and the brooch is 'ahhhhhh' - a very lucky lovely one.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Nina x

  4. It's nice to have some sunlight to take pictures isn't it :) love the tulip pic :) x

  5. So lovely to see you and your lovely family. So pleased you found some things to treat yourself to!

  6. Nice to see you yesterday. I like the look of the seasidey fabric I can just see in the background. There was some great stuff there yesterday wasn't there. See you soon at Woodbridge!

  7. Oh such lovely finds! The brooches are so pretty!
    Have a lovely week!
    Rachel x

  8. I'd have been given 5 minutes for a look around by my menfolk before they started to moan!!

    So I shall not be bringing them to Woodbridge next month!!

  9. looks like you had a good day - I went to the Antique textile Fair here in manchester but didn't do as well as you!!!!

  10. these things have certainly made e smile :o)
    i know what you mean about the biting wind yesterday. i got frozen trying to plant a little tree in my garden....brrrr!

    hoping for some warm sunshine soon xxx


  11. I definitely think the 60's fabric should become tea towels. Definitely!

  12. Mrs Bun hello hello!

    Lovely haul of goodness as ever. I am in love with the felt broaches, so joyous, I have them pineed over a lampshade I dislike!

    Liking the sound of the purple cardi, tell Miss Bun she is nopt alone I am partial to a bit of violet, not amillion ,iles from purple me thinks?

    Hope you are having a bonza week?

    Sarah x


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