Sunday, 28 March 2010

Partying Hard the 8 Year Old Way

Our beautiful baby turned 8 today. We've partied hard all weekend and had a fabulous time. Birthdays make me wistful and look back over all the wonderful years we've had together so far.

When I was three months pregnant with Little Bun we saw a shadow covering the left hand side of her brain in what should have been a routine scan. We heard confusing information that our baby may have a condition called Edwards, which would mean none of the major organs would develop. We were told to wait for two more months before we had a test to find out if this was the case or not. I spent that time trying so hard to pretend I wasn't pregnant, just in case ... Even when the results came back saying she was in the clear I couldn't relax until my baby was there in my arms. Now today when we've just celebrated her birth at home, all 11lbs of her, then I feel a need to write it down as once there was a time we didn't think we would meet her at all.

Our gorgeous girl came into our lives sucking her thumb as chilled out as can be. She has filled up our lives with her smiles, contented peace, eccentricities, sense of fun and huge capacity for love and kindness.

On Friday the Bun's decorated the Easter tree in time for the festivities to begin.

Saturday saw three adults and seven little girls hit the farm for a day of wet, muddy fun.

She adores sheep with a passion and I know if we had more land she'd easily talk us into having her own small flock.

Very soggy now, so off to the woods we go.

Three lots of den building sets off.

Mr Blue has a run round to check out the den competition.

Top day out methinks.

Sunday and and a family party day of trains, gallopers, and dodgems before coming home to a birthday tea.

Ending with a spectacular cake made by grandma. What is it about these sheep, they get everywhere?

Birthday countdown ended for another year for Little Bun. I give it a few days and I bet Eldest Bun will start the six months counting towards her tenth birthday.


  1. Looks like littlest bun had a fab weekend. I alwasy get very nostalgic when either of my two have a birthday. I wouldn't want to turn back the clock but I do miss those crazy baby days sometimes.

    Hope the hand made pressies went down well. You really did excel yourself.


  2. Looks like she had a great birthday.

    Love the cake Grandma made :)

  3. Happy belated birthday to little Bun!
    What a lovely table ,spread with all those goodies...and a very pretty Easter arrangement too.

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Happy birthday little bun - your day out looks your mum flaked with a bottle of wine though come the evening/s.

    Much love,

    Nina x

  5. love the sheepy cake :)
    looks like a fabulous birthday

  6. It's so lovely that her birthday can have an easter flavour! Such pretty pictures, you must have all worked so hard. xx

  7. looks like she really enjoyed the weekend. xxx

  8. Woo what a fantastic weekend. I am so glad that everything turned out ok

  9. What a beautiful Birthday party for a sweet little one. You're a great Mom!! Love all of the pictures on your blog. Vintage things make me smile.

  10. aww so glad she had a nice birthday!!

  11. Looks like you all had a great weekend!!
    Wonderful cake. :)
    Happy Birthday Little Bun!!!
    Vivienne x

  12. What a very special day for a very special girl. Looks like she had a wonderful day!

    Give youself chance for some feet up time, I think you deserve it!
    Enjoy the week and hope you don't get any more snow (I think we might be in for it!)

  13. lovely party! I hope little bun had fun, I love the cake! I hope you all have a lovely Easter. Fliss xx

  14. Happy eleventy birthday...wahoo!! And you're right about sheep ....they are everywhere!!! Remind me tell you the joke about a Kiwi farmer with more then one sheep sometime x

  15. That looks like my kind of party!

  16. So glad she had a lovely day, I's sure it was a day full of memories for you. My 'baby' turns 30, THIRTY! on Easter sunday but is seems like yesterday to me and I'm making her birthday cake tomorrow. Have a lovely Easter, love Penny xxx


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