Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Last Few Days Backwards

Time seems to fly by and I go running along behind it trying to catch a little bit extra. When I do have a wee bit to spare I seem to end up doing things that weren't top of the list of to do's.

On Sunday morning, while our garden slowly flooded from the water pouring off the fields, I sorted out the dumping ground that was our bookcase. It took a while as I got got distracted looking at books I'd forgotten we'd got. It did end up a bit more orderly though and I even threw out all the junk that had ended up on there. Well - I chucked it in the garage to add to the huge pile waiting to get to the dump. I do envy people who seem to live as proper adults and not end up surrounded by growing piles of junk.

At least I feel slightly on top of some of the overcrowding going on in our wee home. Just not going to show you all the bags on the floor by the bookcase.

With the rain coming down in really big blobs all day it seemed the best thing to get out the popcorn, chocs, a film and snuggle with my lovely lot. I had to get out my hook and yarn though. I can't sit completely still, not never ever.

I made a few more bright big flower brooches and added to my growing pile of hooky flags.

Now on Saturday we went back down memory lane with my mum. When she was 16 she went to the pictures with her friends and then caught the train home. It turned she bought the last ticket for a railway line that was being closed down. She made it into the local paper then and she has again now.

A local man bought up the railway station and he has grand plans for it. As part of the first birthday celebrations they asked mum to come along. She had to act out buying another ticket and then hop on board for the photographers. Aunts, uncles and a cousin turned up so it was a lovely get together too.

Once the shots were taken we all hopped on board for the shortest train ride ever. We sat in a proper old fashioned carriage of our own and had a catch up on news while we went backwards and forwards on the short length of track. Afterwards we had a long walk along the old line and then cosied up inside the waiting room with a pint of Roy Rogers from the Beer Festival.

In the middle of all this I had a sentimental moment of my own. One of my aunt's (who I haven't seen for years) had brought along something that was very precious to the six year old me. I don't know if you remember Shaker Makers? Well this little duck might give you a clue. He's really quite old now as I made him for my Nanny when I was six. Around this time she was very ill with cancer and eventually it took her from us. My aunt and uncle cleared out her house and this little duck came to live with them. When I saw it sitting on their shelf I was furious as I'd not given it to them. I remember telling them that it was my Nanny Hardwick's not theirs. How straightforward are children. My aunt told me she wanted to give it to me there and then, but my dad was embarassed and told me not to make such a fuss and so I never got it.

On Saturday, all these years later, she brought it along for me. Now it sits on my own shelf keeping a watch over all of us. It makes me happy in the way that small things that have a lot of big things inside them do.

Now on to other things. I wanted to say hello to all you new followers. Thanks for joining in. I've been a bit rude of late not waving hello. I'm still trying to find a rhythm to working two days and then working for myself, alongside all the normal family and mummy stuff, but I'll get there in the end.

Now for the bit I really want you to listen to. In January my blog was a year old. For two weeks virtual world stopped working here and I started my new job, so the bit where I celebrated and said thanks to you for stopping by, leaving your lovely comments and just being part of it all came and went. So I've decided that on Friday I'll post a wee giveaway for all you lovelies who stop by to take part in. There might have been a few clues of late about what it might be. So please pop in and say hello on Friday and you'll find out what I'm hinting at.

Right I'll go now as I think I've talked the hind leg of a chicken.


  1. Hi there!
    I am not a 'proper adult' then!! ;-)
    I would far sooner be surrounded by junk than not be!! I'm at my happiest when I am rummaging around a junk shop and if I can bring something home,all the better!
    I'd love to know what plans the man has for the railway station! We have a disused station behind us..(well actually it was a 'halt') and I hate to see it all run down.

  2. Our garage is chock full of 'junk'.When we don't know where to put the garage it goes! Will have to have a big clear out when the weather improves! Enjoyed your lovely story of your Mum and the railway.We have a disused railway line near our house which is now a long distance path for walkers,cyclists and horseriders.
    All that's left of the station is a tiny section of platform and the sign.So envious of your crochet,can't get the hang of it at all!

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. All our junk ends up in the loft! I am dreading clearing that out, lol.
    What a lovely story about your mam.
    Love your bright flower brooches, they are so lovely. xxx

  4. I don't think I'll ever grow up - our home always looks like a teeagers bedroom or a bombsite as my mum would say!!

    Nina x

  5. It's lovely to rediscover childhood memories - I'm sure the duck will continue to have a long happy life with you and your children for years to come x

  6. I can be quite good with junk and move it from one room to another but then it often comes to a standstill for a while and hubby often jokes about my 'piles'! But then I just have to deal with the 'piles' and when you get down to it most of it needs to be thrown anyway! Glad to hear you had fun on your little train journey and catching up with family!

  7. love the story about your mum and that they have re-created it.. a lovely bit of history..

  8. I'mdefinately not a "proper adult" -my home suffers badly from piles!
    Glad to see you will be at Woodbridge Vintage again.

  9. ooh how I do love your blog. Sorry I haven't been able to visit for a while, when you're moving life takes over. Have loved catching up.

  10. Am definately not grown up either - heaps of stuff is my middle name - can follow me round the house by my heaps!!

    Sunday was dire wasn't it - definately an indoors day.

  11. i just love the brooches - so cheering

  12. The story and pics about your mum was lovely to read,and yes I remember shaker maker!!I love your lovely bright brooches,my friend is trying to teach me to crochet but feel it is going to take me a while.Do you sell your brooches I would love to order a couple.Your blog is so inspirational for someone like me who is itching to make but doesn't know where to start!beckyx

  13. Oh what a lucky little girl you were having a Shaker Maker, I wanted one every year but never got one. My smalls have now enjoyed much shaker makering with their Mum, do we all get our kids toys that we missed out on? :)


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