Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I bin Bootin'

That's how you say where you've been Norfolk style. It was good booty today, which was a surprise.

The car boot is a strange thing. I pull up full of anticipation for what treasure I might find, I scan the first few rows of plastic tat, shoes and headless dolls and then realise with a sinking feeling that my bag is still empty. Just when I think there's nothing precious here for me today - I spot a goodie and from then on in little treasures hidden in boxes, under tables and just out of reach in the back of vans reveal themselves and I'm off.

These buttons were all neatly bagged up and ready, no sifting or sorting. For three bags at 50p a throw I felt very pleased.

I love these circus cards. I think I'll frame some of them up for the Bun's and keep the rest for me.

This is really a set of six cups and saucers. I love the simplicity of them. Oh and a yellow Ellie eggcup to match the blue one I got a while back.

Swallows or bluebirds? Haven't a clue, not so hot on my birds, but I know that I like them and I like them on this plate a lot. Heavens knows why the plastic earings came too, but that zingy orange just seemed perfectly at home with the blue of the birds when I was standing in a muddy field this morning.

Well they just had to come home with me. So excited to find another Rosa coffee pot. I sold my last one, made a profit, which is why I do it and then wished I hadn't as I loved it so. Now I have one again.

Now that enamel bowl is waiting for the primulas I bought and I still have a button to sew on a birthday cardigan, an apron and a dolly dress to make. Better get on. See you soon.


  1. Oh my, such beautiful finds, I really can't say which I like the best. Love the vibrancy of the cards, they'll look amazing displayed and all the china is perfectly simple. But the buttons really caught my eye - especially those pretty flowers! Lucky you.

    Have a lovely week.

    Kate x

  2. Lovely buttons - in fact I have some flower ones just the same and some of the bobbly blue ones that my MIL gave me from her tin.
    Our local boots start on Sunday - hope the sun shines.

  3. Great treasures Mrs Bun - wish our bootys would start up again soon.....I'm hoping Easter.

    Nina x

  4. Another good haul - hope you'll be wearing those earrings in Woodbridge next weekend ;)

    Thanks to Country Girl for mentioning the local bootsale - shall be dragging MrVV out of bed on Sunday morning ;)

  5. oo love the rosa pot.. its gorgeous..
    the cards will be great framed!!

  6. Heh, if you said, "it was good booty today," around here (U.S.) you would be taken to mean something very, very different and raise a few eyebrows.

    Quite some finds. The buttons would have grabbed at me, too.

  7. Nice finds! Can't wait for the car boots to start up again in my neck of the woods.


  8. Love the buttons!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Glad the car boot came up with some lovely things after all.I'm off to my first one of the season on Sat... weather permitting!

    Bellaboo :0)

  10. oooh wow such gorgeous finds. I am TOTALLY jealous!

  11. Loving your finds Mrs bun!
    Will I see you at Woodbridge next weekend?hope so love emmiexxx

  12. We don't really have alot of car boots in NZ, so it's more about 'hittin' the oppo's' in this little corner of the planet. the snap cards rock...good huntin' missus!

  13. Some really lovely finds.

    Love the blue bird plate and the pretty pink coffee pot. Really lovely.

    I think the cards will look fab framed!


  14. Love your blog and what fantastic bargains!!!!

  15. Oh wow I had those circus snap cards when I was wee. That picture took me right back :)

  16. Great finds, I love a good car booty. xx

  17. i love the buttons and the cups - well done!


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