Sunday, 21 March 2010

Is it Monday already?

Sunshine and Spring weather arrived this weekend. The house became thoroughly spic and span. We can see out of the windows again and there's not so much stuff piled up around the edges.

I got on with attacking Little Bun's cardigan as I've only got until this weekend. When I went to sew it up and knit the collar I found the back was half the length of the front. For some reason I'd just stopped and cast off. Bit of unpicking, no tantrums and I got going again.

I couldn't avoid the pull of the hook either. After seeing hooky hangers at Dottie Angel I was inspired to knock up a few of my own. They're so quick and easy to do. I think I'm going to have fun with the colours and embellishing these with a few bits and bobs.

I also found the time to knock up some burnt brownies for a picnic on Sunday. Free entry to most National Trust properties pulled us out of our little piece of heaven and off we went to explore.

Surprise suprise - other people knew about this too and had come out to play. Queues of other freebie seekers meant we avoided the house, which was a shame as it's my favourite bit. I'm not a great outdoors lover, but my lot are so they had a great time racing around the woods and walled gardens. We even found a pair of friendly donkeys and a ton of nosy hens.

After all that fresh air, it was off to collect Alfie Blue from the grandparents, eat most of their cakes before setting off home to a fire, fizzy stuff and a cosy up.

Now, suddenly it's Monday again. Have a great week.

Julia is another crochet addict and also a very talented artist. She asked me to put a few pointers her way about the hooky hangers. Well I did take the initial idea from Dottie Angel as I said, but I guess as I played around with them to fit my hangers and my understanding of what I should be doing, I hope Dottie won't mind if I help you along your hooky path.

The pattern uses a basic shell pattern of five trebles in each repeat with a double crochet in the middle of each. Dottie's size didn't fit my hanger so I counted out the extra I would need and so I worked 83 chains to start with. To start off you need to work into the 3rd chain along and then work 4 more tr into this chain. Work a dc into the 3rd chain along and then work your next 5tr shell into the 3rd chain along. Repeat until you get to the end. Then turn and work along the bottom using the same pattern. You need to work your hook into the bottom of the dc's and into the ring made by the shells. Make two of these for front and back.

Because my wooden hangers are quite wide one row of dc around the edge wasn't enough to stretch so I fiddled with this a bit.

Join your new colour at the end of one side and work in dc all the way around (once if it will fit or twice if wider hander). Then join the top with a row of dc and then put your hanger inside before setting off and joining the bottom edge with a row of dc.

Hope this helps.


  1. Your hooky hanger is so pretty. :)
    I love the piccie of your fire, I felt so cosy and warm while looking at it. :) xxx

  2. Sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend. We thought about going off to one of the many Nat trust places in Kent but our weather wasn't the best. So stayed home and pottered about in the garden and house lol
    Hope you get the cute cardgain done, it's a lovely colour.
    Many hugs,
    Catherine x

  3. Those crochet hangers are lovely.I've only just learnt how to do a granny square..and now I'm hooked on crocheting!
    We were sorry to miss the free NT weekend but we were busy at home with friends over for lunch.
    Have a good week.

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. Not only is it Monday again, but next week it will be April!!!! How did that happen?
    Looks like you had a great day out :)

  5. The Dottie Angel hanger pattern is great!
    Yours look lovely!! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Love the hangers, very pretty. It sounds as though you had a great weekend. I had a bit of a spring clean too, there must be something in the air!


  7. Love the hanger!
    Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  8. The hanger is absolutely gorgeous, I'm quite envious. Note to self about crochet, stop talking about it and do it!

    Kate x

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I could do with a spring clean in my house.
    Love your hanger,it's so pretty!!
    Take care
    Bridie x

  10. Love your hooky hanger,so pretty!
    You have been a busy gal!
    The little cardi looks super cute too!
    Rachel x

  11. Wonderful hooky hangers. I saw them at Dotties and they're on my to do list.
    Oh, I have to say I love your knitty bouquet. Very sweet!

  12. Sounds like a good weekend. Love the crochet hangers - learning to crochet is on my to-do list for 2010 at the rate the year is whizzing by it might have to wait till 2011!!

  13., fizzy stuff and cosy up sound sooooo tempting.

    It's all I can do to keep my eyes open a the moment.

    Love the crochet - there is something really comforting in covered hangers - I think so anyway, weird I know.

    take care and bug hello's

    Nina x

  14. Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker. ....................................................

  15. What lovely coat hangers Mrs Bun! You have excelled yourself!! Is there a pattern you might be able to share with us for this, or a nod in the general direction of one in a book perhaps? I would love to have a go at these myself!

    Sending love
    Julia x x x


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