Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Comforting & Cosy

Good to see so many of you taking part in the jolly giveaway. Two more days and I'll be enlisting my assistants to pick a name out of the hat.

Little Bun has been asking and asking me to get some pink milk since she had it for breakfast at her first ever sleepover. Now what could be better than pink milk and a pink iced bun when you get back from school?

Eldest Bun and I chose hot chocolate and jammy doughnuts. Ohh - it seems someone's eaten mine already? Probably a greedy somebody who couldn't wait for the milk to boil.

A Monday whizz around the factory shop for more dog toys for Mr Blue and we ended up coming out with bobbly fleecy footwear instead. They can convince me most things need to be bought

A few more buns bashed together for tomorrows pack up. I guess we'll munch them tonight too as crochet group is coming here as Mr Bun is out and about.

Now the greatest thing that makes our home all cosy and just so are flowers. My mum brought these for me at the weekend as I'd been hinting for some spring flowers. Anenomes have always been a favourite flower and as I had them for my wedding bouquet they are a happy flower for us too. Well that April anniversary will be coming soon, lets hope Spring weather finally comes before that.


  1. Those slippers are completely adorable x

  2. Loving those slippers, they are quite some thing.

    Oooh yes pink milk addicts here too. Something to do with Charlie and Lola I think mainly!

    Oooh what a lot of cakey yummyness there are on your post.

    Love the pretty flowers, you just cant beat them for an instant pick me up can you.


  3. love the flowers - gorgeous :-)
    is it wrong at the grand old age of 38 I now need pink milk and a pink iced bun!!!
    Lesley x

  4. Love the slippers !!! :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Wouldn't mind a pair of those slippers myself! My sister-in-law bought me some daffs and also some hycinths and the gorgeous smell of those wafts through the house.

    Bellaboo :o)

  6. Hi
    There is an award for you to pick up on my blog.
    Take care
    Bridie x

  7. I love those slippers - just the sort of thing that might help the weather warm up ;)

    After school snack here is always a cuppa & a cookie/bun.

  8. oo your feet look so warm in your slippers!!
    everytime we watch charlie and lola on cbeebies i always get the urge for pink milk myself.. it looks so pretty in a glass!!
    i love the flowers.. i commented to my hubs the other day how we had no flowers in the house and he just asked me was i haveing an Elton John moment.. so think im buying myself some this week !!!!

  9. My mummy is English & has never found a decent jam doughnut in Australia, after 50 years!! Love Posie

  10. A lovely, cosy post, I really enjoyed reading it and looking at your piccies. Love the slippers! xxx

  11. i love that happy post, cheered me up on a rough thank you!!

    My eldest son loves pink milk!!

  12. Great slippers!
    And I would choose jam doughnuts too.

  13. What a lovely surprise that last piccie was, so colourful. Hope you're all having a lovely week.

    Kate x

  14. What a lovely mum you are - sweet slippers and cosy after school treats! Have a lovely day on Sunday (maybe there'll be more spring flowers comign your way!)

    Have a lovely weekend Lisa.

  15. My blanket, but it's a balancing kiwi making the most of the late summer sunshine. Do you know Lorraine, she's here visiting at the moment... a fellow blogger abroad.
    I was an April bride too, fancy that! x

  16. Can I just tell you that you always leave me the sweetest comments?

    And what a laugh, I thought that was my kitchen table in your header with the ck cloth and cornishware ;)

    Cute slippers, btw.

    Lisa xoxo

  17. Lovely flowers. I could just do with a iced bun & pink milk! :)

  18. Right i want pink milk and a pink iced bun now lol
    Yummy naughty food lol
    The flowers are beautiful honey.
    Glad you're well, will you having a special day on Mothers day?
    I think we're off to the lambing day here in Kent. Yeay! I'll be the lady on the news for knocking over the kids to get to feed the lambs LOL (not really blush) hehe!
    Have fun.
    Catherine x


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