Sunday, 7 February 2010

Making the Weekend

Well as promised to myself I got stitchy this weekend. I finished off something I'd started a while back and I got going on something new too.

First thing I did was rescue the pouffe from the garage. Despite not having tons of room in our sitting room, we really needed another chair and a table too. Well this pouffe has got all of that and it has wheels too. The wheels have meant it's become more of an indoor trolley for the Bun's to sit on and scoot about between rooms.

While they scootered and rolled around, I cut and stitched a new cover for it. I even had my first stab at piped edging. The choice of fabric was made by basically choosing whatever was on the shelves and I had enough of. I'm thrilled with how the combination has turned out. I've had the barkcloth for years now and couldn't ever decide what to do with it. Well this weekend I was very glad I'd hung on to it as I've felt very happy each time I've looked at it. There wasn't quite enough to go on the top too and really I wanted to give it a bit more of a contrast. Just enough red spot left over from the bathroom blind and still a bit more to play with.

I finished stitching just in time for us to snuggle up together. on Saturday night. Little Bun perched like a pixie on the new seat and I got out my white blob squares. Now I've been adding to these and I only need one more row to make a cushion. I really like the effect of these and keep getting a picture of this as a blanket too. for Eldest Buns bed. So should I throw in my lot and make another 140 or so of the little devils or just get on with sewing them into a cushion? I think I'll just see where the mood takes me.

Because of the all the blob square indecisiveness, my mood took me to sewing up the lacy bag I'd finished knitting a few nights ago. With the addition of a grey and white striped ribbon threaded through I was pretty pleased with the end result.

When my folks came over for afternoon tea on Sunday, I gave it to my mum. She's thrilled with it and will store all her precious bits and bobs in it.

Making afternoon tea was another lovely bit of creativity I had this weekend. I made brownies full of almonds, lemon drizzle cake and a first for me - choccolately eclairs. In fact I've just eaten another one as I write this. Yum yum. There aren't any pictures I'm afraid as we were too busy munching and being generally happy together.

Now for the last bit of making this weekend. I made sure I had a bit of time to play with ideas. I thought it was about time I tried some colourways that I'm not normally drawn to. Well lets say I enjoyed making this round, but I've found out I don't like this colour combination at all.

As for designs for selling on. I've made nothing at all, but I've been busy sketching out ideas and dreaming of things. As for now I'm really enjoying making for us.

Thankyou so much for your thoughtful words about my dad. Part of the deal of having an older dad is living with this type of worry about his health. Inside he's a much younger man and for now he feels a bit more like it on the outside too.
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  1. Yum - we had a high tea last Sunday - my Mum's homemade blackcurrant scones with homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream followed with my Victoria sponge and a lovely cup of tea - calories off the scale but divine - homemade chocolate eclairs - what a wonderful thought to log off with ! Linda

  2. What lovely stuff you have been up to this weekend. I think sometimes when you are making for yourself there is an added extra zing.

    Love the pouffe, a really great idea. I love your crochet squares. I am just learning how to crochet. I have not been able to master squares yet. But it is very addictive just by doing flat crochet.

    And your tea sounds lovely homemade chocolate eclaires. Yum!


  3. The pouffe looks the fabrics you have chosen! I'm soooo envious of those crochet squares...still can't master it yet!I couldn't face knitting any more of those little squares,that's why my 'blanket' ended up a cushion,but I think you should persevere with your crochet will be lovely!
    Teas are my favourite...a good excuse to get out all my vintage china and those cake stands!Yours sounded scrumptious.

    Bellaboo :)

  4. Looks like you made up for lost time; good for you! You must feel great. Your goodies sound so good; I might just have to do a round of baking this week too..

  5. Thank you Lisa for your lovely comment... i held my side and chuckled gingerly at the pooing your pants bit....hahahaha!!
    All the best to your dad, take care, jusx

  6. Wow! You have been busy this weekend. I love your crochet squares - I'm trying to learn crochet but don't feel like I'm getting very far!


  7. Oh your crochet squares are lovely. If I were you I would carry on crocheting, they will make a lovely blanket!! :)

  8. Concerning my granny blanket; that would be a yes, she is finished!

    Just waiting for a brighter day to take some snaps.

    Now I'm out of wool and my sewing machine needs a new belt!!!!!

    What to do? Cut out gingerbread men I guess...

    Glad you are of thinking jazzy colours too!


  9. love the squares but can you face another 140?! - the pouffe looks good

  10. Can understand your being undecided between cushion & blanket.

    Am on my first knitting project at the moment - want it to be a blanket - have done 20/121 squares *groan*


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