Monday, 22 February 2010

Jollity of the Hook

Another half-term holiday has been and gone in a whooshhhh. We had such a great time and managed to do most of what we'd planned. By Sunday we badly needed a whole day at home to stay in jammies and just be. The Bun's had an excellent time and played while I attacked mountains of horrible jobs that needed doing. By the afternoon the fire, cake, a basket of yarn and a hook were beckoning me.

I ignored all the other projects in the basket and started on some jolly hooky flags. I'd made one flag a few days ago and had had the idea in my head to make a string of them ever since. How lovely when that one bit of times comes up and you can actually sit and make the idea you had.

I think I'll need to make quite a few more of these as I like it hanging here and I also like it ...

... hanging here. Who cares about the grey slushy snow outside when all this colour can be made inside.

This week I've also found time around museums, farms and films to make a couple of big flower brooches. Definately need to add a lot more to that supply as these are always popular.

I've also finished the blanket cushion. As much as I'd love this to be a blanket, I've decided I just don't have the time when I want to be making so many other things too. So it's going to be a cushion and will be all good and puffy when I find just the right backing for it. Eldest Bun has her eye on this one, so I'll have to make more for the grown-ups bed I think.

Once the Bun's were back at school today I felt the pull of the charity shop once more. How glad am I that I went in as I found some great Enid Blyton's for bedtime stories and these lovelies.

Eldest Bun has already asked if one can go in her room, pink or blue I'm not sure which she'll choose yet.

This was quite expensive for a CS cloth, but the embroidery is so quaint that I couldn't resist it. Little Bun wants this to be made into something for her as it has leaping lambs on it. She dreams of being a sheep farmer one day, purely for the wool and the love of all things sheep really. Anything sheepy makes it's way to her room.

Somehow I think they quite like all this vintage, thrifty, recycled malarkey.


  1. Mmmmmmm......all that hooky business has certainly brightened my afternoon. I'm still plodding along with my ever growing granny square!

    Nina xxxxx

  2. Oooh, lots of loveliness. Such a cute cloth, no wonder you didn't leave it behind. It's lovely your girls like the vintage thing, too. What taste! The corner with the bunting in looks great, too.
    Hen x

  3. Those flags are so bright and cheerful, no wonder you want to make more and more. You find the most incredible things at your charity shops. How fun!

  4. Charming, simply charming.
    Love your crochet work, those flags look lovely, I may copy you. :) Also love the cushion (I'm in the middle of crocheting some cushion covers) and the CS fabric is gorgeous, a thouroughly enjoyable post. :) xxx

  5. what alot of great pictures

  6. Am loving the crochet bunting :)

    Planning eventually to knit some once I can master decreasing ;)

  7. I just want to compliment you on those colours, simply gorgeous, you have brightened me right up! bless you. As for crochet bunting, one word G-E-N-I-U-S

    Sarah x

  8. I'm inspired and dug out my hook as I need some of the crochet bunting :)

  9. I do like your crocheted flags. So jolly. I must make myself some. I envy you your Ladybird collection. I have two books in my collection so I've a way to go to catch up.

  10. I do so love your crochet corner, so cheerful and uplifting - I'd love to sit there and ponder a while. Very acceptable CS finds may I say, particularly the cloth, the embroidery is gorgeous. And I think it's wonderful the children are getting involved, you must be delighted.
    Kate x

  11. All those cheery colors make me feel like spring reallly is just around the corner!

  12. What a lovely place you have here. I've enjoyed my visit.

  13. Nice flags...but what really got me going was the cushion cover, yum! Loving your work missus! x

  14. Oh I love those crochet flags, and I particularly love your blue shelves with ladybird books adorning them! It all looks very, very cosy! xx


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