Sunday, 14 February 2010

Jack Valentine

We've been celebrating with the mysterious arrival of a little fairy chap called Jack Valentine. I don't think he's ever braved other counties or countries even, so he remains our very own generous Norfolk fairy fellow.

He visited me when I was little and now he comes to our two girls. He can visit anyone he chooses though. You hear a knock on the door and when you get there, if you're lucky, he's left a gift or two.

Now this is all very well, but he needs quite a bit of help and when you're woken at 6am by excited Buns and then watched with eagle eyes for most of the morning it becomes a wee bit tricky.

Thank goodness for the fact we have three outside doors and a radio doorbell that can be rung from inside.

Paper, pencils, books, sweets and a few bath flowers were unwrapped from tissue paper. Later on the dog sneaked in and ate the chocolate hearts when we had breakfast. He's had the taste since he stole the cherry liquers at christmas - how rich the house smelt that day.

Remember the book from the last post? Well I made a bookmark to go with it and Eldest Bun said a heart was needed at the top.

I also made a glasses case for my mum and bought chocs for my dad. We were off to have lunch with them and champagne to celebrate love and the future.

When we arrived it turned out that Jack Valentine had also visited their house. We coveted most of the gifts the Bun's got there. After the most delicious lunch and two puddings, we had to find room a bit later on for the cake that the Bun's made the day before. For the first time I stood there just giving out instructions, only to be told by a wise 9 year old "I do know mummy as I watch what you do.".

A great start to a week of enjoying their company. I only have to work one day this week which will be the first time I've not been around for them in the holidays. I think they'll have a great time though.

Before I go I wanted to say how lovely it's been hearing from new people who I've not met before or found your blogs. I will try to visit properly and say hello soon if I haven't already.

Hope you've all enjoyed your Sunday and have a good week ahead. See you soon.


  1. This Jack fellow seems like a good man to know. It sounds as though you had a thoroughly lovely day with the Buns - they also sound rather clever in the kitchen to me! Any cake spare?

  2. I do like the sound of this mysterious Mr Jack - jolly good job having three exterior doors, though which to choose??

    Love the look of that cake mmmmmmm.....chocolate!

    Have a lovely week with only the one day of work,

    Nina x

  3. Excellent. I love to hear familly traditions and a secret valentine guy will ensure tht no-one goes without. Loveing your blog by the way many thanks

  4. Jack Valentine sounds like a very pleasant fellow!
    I love the glasses case you made, it is gorgeous, and I am loving your blog. So pleased to hear you had a wonderful Valentines Day with your family. xxx

  5. It sounds like you had a really lovely day with your family yesterday. The bookmark and glasses cases look great. Well done to the Buns on their fabulous chocolate cake, I bet it tasted as good as it looked!!

    Have a wonderful week off.


  6. Wise nine year olds and Jack Valentine! It's shaping up to be a very good week indeed!
    Sorry about the technical difficulties here at the Lane, glad they seem to be better!

    Sarah x

  7. what alovely day you all had- the cake loks fabulous!

  8. Man, that cake looks good! I have a little chef in my house too. Embarrassingly he not only shrugs off any helpful suggestion, but in a recent 'can't cook, won't cook' style taste off his chocolate cake was much nicer than mine! However, I can still beat him in a thumb war so all is not quite lost...

  9. This is inspirational family stuff! How lovely your half-tern plans sound! We have had heaven and hell, mostly on the same day! But back to porrridge now- if I'm organised to have it in the pot the night before!!

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