Friday, 26 February 2010

A Find, A Book and Some things with a Hook

Yesterday I was on a course for work. On the way there I spotted something in a charity shop window. It was something I've wanted for quite a while now. Can you believe my restraint, I was good and I kept walking so I wouldn't be late. I kept telling myself it would still be there if I was meant to have it and kept my fingers crossed all morning. I was off like a greyhound the moment we finished - and wahhay - there it was, waiting for me.

Now my cheery counting machine is home, polished and waiting to help me solve all my maths problems. Believe me I've found quite a few since I've been trying to help teach maths. I've hidden behind being an English teacher for so long I've avoided all that nasty number stuff, but no more. I have to face my demons and the very lovely lady I work with is getting me battling with them head on.

Today being a day off I was really pleased that the postie brought this for me to enjoy and get inspired by. I ordered it on Amazon after reading a review in Cloth magazine and hoped it would be as good as it looked. It really is, so I thought you might like a taster of some of the ideas in it. I really like the fact that there are patterns and easy instructions if you want to follow the ideas to the letter or like me you can use it for embroidery inspiration for other projects. Anyway I'd better stop talking and let you have a look.

Isn't it gorgeous. So many lovely colour ideas and patterns. My fingers are itching to get my threads out again. Better just try and finish up a few other things I've started first though.

I've been meaning to show you some of the fabulous work that is being made at my Wednesday evening Off the Hook group for a while now. Well this week I remembered to take a few shots with church hall lighting as an added bonus. From complete beginners to intermediates everyone is flying now with their skill with a hook and the range of methods is amazing.

Before I show you the work I wanted to show this beautifully wrapped gift. It's for me from one of the group who sadly won't be able to come much anymore. Lovely always to get a present, but sad not be seeing someone who is inspiring to us all. Oh and there were lots of lavender goodies inside by the way.

Now you have your standard crochet on a 4mm hook and then you have those that really like working large. I think this is on a 10mm or even 12mm hook. S made it working in the round with white sheeting and then all the coloured strips were pulled through. All I've done is shown her how to crochet and now she's off with her creativity. I think a diamond shape is being worked at the moment. This is the back of the rug.

Then there's the touchy feely front with a heck of a lot of fabric in it.

A week after teaching granny squares another S started on cushions and then this beautiful blanket as a gift for a new baby. Rather than going for the standard square the squares have been laid out and then edged as a diamond shaped edging.

The others are working on flowers and small toys at the moment, but I don't have any shots of those I'm afraid as cake needed eating so we could get on with hooking and chatting.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever this weather throws at you. For us we're off down memory lane for a train ride tomorrow and a small family get together.


  1. Gosh I had one of those when I was little, great find. The book looks really good too.
    Emma x

  2. How lovely..the beads look like big smarties!

  3. The projects in the needlecraft book look just lovely. Can't wait to see what you make!

  4. That book does look gorgeous and I love the little sneaky peek inside.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina xxxxx

  5. Love the mittens from your book.

    Your group sounds good - our S&B is similar. All abilities & also different crafts - sewing, knitting, crochet & cross-stitch.

  6. What a lovely book,so many nice ideas in there.I like the cushion on the chair with the red pom-poms.
    Enjoy your family time and the train ride!I remember those counting frames at infant school.Lovely that it was still there waiting for you!

    Bellaboo :o)

  7. what a lovely book!
    Love the cushion on the chair with the pom-poms.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Bridie x

  8. Wow! Everything in every photo is gorgeous!

  9. The book looks lovely - I also saw the review, but settled for Poppy Treffry's Free and Easy Stitch style this payday - maybe I'll treat myself next month!!
    The craft group sounds great fun - where do you hold it ? Linda x

  10. I admire your restraint very much indeed... I'm not sure I could have been so strong.
    The mittens rock!x

  11. Great book :) I love Cloth magazine, I sell it at my group. The company is so nice....well the guy that runs it! Love that clever is she :)

  12. I wish you'd come and teach ME to crochet! That book looks lovely - oh dear, yet another to be added to the vast collection..

    Kate x

  13. I don't need another book- but Oh! I want that one! The things happening at your stitching group look great, I think I should ban the wine at ours, there's too much chatting and laughing, and not enough stitching! Penny x (Planet Penny)

  14. I love the Scandinavian embroidery - a very inspiring book!

    Pomona x


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